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Namibian Art Vlogger on Youtube!

Issue 2 with love

How is Life?

Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very rainbow and Happy Friday! There is so much to talk about and yet I feel like everything so not important. Lately I have been changing the format of my blog and trying to find out what best fit on this blog. Yes, Runaway girl series is one of the most interesting posts that a lot of you unicorns like. So, with special love I really want to change the Runaway Girl series into graysbygrace because I really want to continue the magazine format. What do you think unicorns? I also want sassy Taco to be a thing right now because unicorns are everywhere so I really want a special name to identify all of us. Do you agree? Would you join the sassy Taco crew?

Why I have not been blogging?

A lot has been going on from moving to Namibia, new school, exams and University. I am really excited to say that I am Uni- student now..okay maybe not..but lets think positive now! I am still waiting for the results to come out because in Namibia what they do is publish grade 12 and 10 results in the newspaper. I may say all the studying and stress has ended but I mean even if you feel you have put your best there is still that sense behind saying you have not made it. I am nervous but I am positive! If you are reading this and have written your year 12 exams and waiting for your results. A certificate can not explain how extra-ordinary you are. Apart from exams, I have been waiting for my camera to bring the best content and a lot of you guys can see that I have been filming with my computer camera and results are not bad.. I am not really mad(Youtube). But yeah, I have got a camera and plan to bring all of you sassy Tacos the best content. Obviously from great content comes creativity which I have been stressing on in 2017 . Being inspired by shameless Maya and the artists that I have met across the social media platform ..  so, what I have decided to do is work on my short films which I have failed to do because of not having a camera but yeah, I am ready! That is why I decided to start a youtube channel… I mean, Film school was the last option( not even thought about because of how useless it is seen from one person perspective) for University ?.. So I needed another alternative so here we are. Going on, this Friday I am jotting and exploring ..most importantly drawing..drawing!

What are you guys planning on Friday? How was your week? what are planning next week? Who is your celebrity crush? Okay, who watched the new season of KKW? Oh gosh..something random..idk..idk okay…

Check out my Youtube Video and give advice I will appreciate it! oh, comment below if you have a youtube channel


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Christmas special 

Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow. May I say a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. It has been a while since I posted here but on some days I have been soooooo busy but I am back and promise to have a schedule. Thank you all for subscribing, liking and reading my posts! Remember to go follow me on other social medias especially Snapchat and instagram (graysbygrace) 

With love, here are my last illustrations before New Years !

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Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and phew, what a month! I guess not being here and loosing an audience is fair. To tell you the truth I am committed it’s just that I got problems with the internet service provider. Okay, this story of “we are coming this Friday” makes me really excited to the point I wait and ..boom..face reality..Friday passes ..nothing. Five months is it fair? Do you guys think so? Even though actually saying we will come and not come is fair?  Maybe, it’s better if they call and say what’s the situation. #five months is way tooooooooooo long

Anyways ..
It’s a beautiful day.. While I was gone I did a lot of activities that I planned to share once the internet was installed but looks like that didn’t happen after all..oh well..but here are some:


These are a few sketches I did and I could reflect to say, “take the risk even if you know some people would look down at it. Anyways, it’s the only way you can actually improve.” You see I always said to myself drawing faces and shading is like recreating the end of the world.

“Well, Grays can you draw me”
“HUm, sorry mate I don’t think you will come out the same”

Well, now I have stopped and I looked at a few tutorials , took a pencil, paper and drew. Sometimes I would also use what I learned to draw some faces. # Its all about DOING IT


How I lost my campaign “Paper Generation”
It’s quite difficult to explain what happened but I lost it and I  plan to recreate it again..I feel it will be better #comic


The results were quite unique you see. Because  I learned to use the pencil and my hands. It isn’t something really new to me hence at my previous school I used to do art. So now, I just got stressed out of how the faces came out and decided to take the tip of holding the pencil in a “new way.”
Learning to draw lips was  also my second goal for the summer but I really enjoyed playing “makeup guru” with the eyes I drew.It would be nice to share on my “eye of the tiger”art page but due to limited data, I couldn’t share it. But soon that will be updated.

Why ?Grays ?Why?
My mind map..Theme:theater ..I knew from the time I left Beijing everything would change so I guess I wanted to continue something love : dance,film, acting and fashion fantasy illustrations. Ladies and Gentlemen I found me. Even though knowing that I will not continue this in university I still enjoy it #mini hobbies


Love my new mind map..waiting to fill it up.


My new theme: Theater bring on Wizard of Oz

Concerning my YouTube channel, a lot of problems have came up starting with the internet to technical problems- computer broke down and camera does not have a charger but I have fixed the camera problem ..will see soon. So, therefore banascotv will return but it’s gonna have to take short steps. Going on, a lot is coming on graysbygrace with the new FANTASY theme and also new short stories using Polyvore sets which I have had begin long time ago. #Time to achieve those New Year Resolutions!!!

Love graysbygrace

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The Melanin girl tag 👏🔞


Hey unicorns it’s graysbygrace your very own rainbow. Today is the day to jump up and celebrate. It’s my birthday! I want to celebrate it in the best way I can and why not do a tag? Before starting, I would love to take this moment to update my comeback in Namibia by saying I have finally found a school and I am excited to start. So, let’s tag! 💨

Moon or Sun?

2016 goals?
Finish grade 11 with 35 points and get a scholarship for university to study abroad. By 2017, get 45 points  in grade 12.

What’s your birth stone?

What’s your zodiac sign?
Aquarius ♒

What fruit best describes you?
I want to believe a strawberry because its sweet.

How do you overcome fear?
Unfortunately, by watching ” Barney and friends”.

What products do you use for your hair?
Currently I am using Aquamarine Normalising conditioner and shampoo. Black magic for hair care!

What are your favorite hairstyles?
Rasta, push back with my natural hair, WiFi hair , huge bun with rasta, messy hair with rasta or natural hair and Bantu knots

What’s your style?
I am casual 🅰➕

Favorite shops?
H&M, Gap, 6xghty 8ight

Dance, blogging😱 and spending my days being artsy! 🎨

What’s your talent?
Unicorn. Being myself always and trying out new things.🌈

Dream come true car?
Jeep 🔥

Favorite Starbucks drink?
Falpochino ☕

Favorite food?
Spaghetti and braai vleis🍴

If you could do anything what would you do? why?
I would travel back in time to see Shakespeare and talk to him. I just love Shakespearean! I know during that time it isn’t a place for my kind of people  therefore I would discizes myself as an English man. 🎭

💧.   The fire nation attacks.  💧

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Back to Back to school!


Hey unicorns its graysbygrace your very own rainbow. What! What? What,.. What.ghfffcggchgc! Its back to school kiddos ..what you pack? Give me your lunch boxx!! Hughshhggg .. Walking into that hall again that you have been in for 6 years.. Yikes..summer sadness..Winter sadness ..bullies.. Fake dolls and..loners … Why? So, you have heard my stress I moved back into my country and I was about to complete my year 12 but now it seems as if I have to start again grade 11. @###%&6%5&2&% I am done with life.time.universe.words. I am done. Going abroad is like changing your life starting from culture, accent, social life and routine. We simply move back and forth .. I did not sign up for this! @#%56##$% I don’t know what makes me angry: not being accepted or having to deal with starting again grade 12 ..watching your friends drift away to Collage\  University or being stuck in grade 12 %#@3@@54@&6&&&$&5 Okay, I wrote this too early hoping that this idea won’t drift away. So, “10” for yes I am going to school to finish this drama.
So day 2 .. nope, I ain’t going to school but waiting…some of you are writing your exams\ tests-with love break both legs. One thing for sure is that I am glad to leave the IB system because I was failing my subjects like crazy so cheers to a new start! Hope I get better grades and swim into university \ college.

Obsession: Oliver Rousteing! Just looked at Balmain its so well detailed!! 

Random sadness
I feel everybody should be given something at the end of the day so that they feel they have done something. Of course everywhere you walk, failure is going lead. So maybe a little prize!

What some back to school crisis you had so far? If not, what are some goals you have for the new semester?

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Namjing with style

Hey unicorns its graysbygrace your very own rainbow. I am really falling into a stone. If that’s possible? So, its been a while since I  blogged and set but raise a cup of wine I finally advance with this data situation. So I can actually call myself Namibian!! Unfortunately, my computer isn’t with me and my camera but that doesn’t stop me from sketching! So I’d advice you to check out graysbygrace on instagram. I haven’t really found any Namibian bloggers out there so, what a big world. But we are getting somewhere. Enough with that! I’ll be sharing a pet peeve:  “Angry cashers” in a store. I don’t know if that’s a thing but I have never walked into a store whereby I walked out with messed up thoughts! You can’t just place stress on a customer I mean I have rights as you do and a life so I  am guessing I have problems too. Rude is a crime!!

Awkward Silence..
What do u think of me as superman? Huh Superman v.s. Burney. Is that even illegal? Burney is scary! Telitubies are scary unicorns but I don’t know why kids find them so amusing. Why? Somebody tell me why??
– inspired by Martyna.

Share some of your pet peeves!!

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New web show is up “Bananasco”

Hey unicorns, it’s graysbygrace your very own rainbow and today Thursday at 12:50am I just made my new web show live to ya! woop woop! I can’t really believe it but yep it is here!! So there so far two videos are going to be released and yes I am very well excited. Ready, set and action!


Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.12.27 PM   Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

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Blog update yoodooo!

Hey Unicorns, so it is monday meaning blog day! So I guess, I have a lot going on before the start of the exams and so I  creating my youtube channel for fun since I am trying really hard to make this blog the greatest as it can be! So for follow ups I have a  Q&A  video coming on youtube this friday so don’t miss that! So comment below if you get a chance to read this with your questions also including #askgraysbygrace!

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 3.01.09 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

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A new me and a Friday!

Oh no! late night post..really quick! It’s Friday and I mean, IT’S MY DAY! I have just began my first ever video which I worked for 3 hours! WHAT A DAY!!! But I got somwhere and I hope to make future videos so this is a commitment! This is meant to be a tag for Sqlushee an upcoming web series! So sqlushee I tag you!!

Another important event that occurred was meeting this young student who gave me this cute “paper star”! I couldn’t believe a child had so much guts to actually give me this but I thank her so much!

SAM_6720 SAM_6722 SAM_6723 SAM_6724

Yep your the lovely sweet honey!!

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