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Runaway Girl Series! BE Creative !! UNIVERSITY!!


Fade in

[Rain dripping]


A rout of knights prepared their horses as the search for the Prince was announced.  Each send out to the different valleys, mountains and another to follow the footsteps of the thieves. House to house they searched. Sunrise to sunset through the gloomy mist. A day became a week, a week became a month and the search became a doubt.

Fade out


Whats up sassy Taco it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow

and Happy Monday! I hope you guys are doing well because I am cause

I am slaying.


                                                              Hey Grays!


oh no!..bye!


The day has been horrible well explained with my absent on my blog but I am back!

Let me just say, I have learned something while being in University procrastination is at it’s highest level.


Tell me about it ( thinking out loud)



No matter how hard I try to keep-up-to-date I fail but with this weeks break I hope I can keep up.


Yes, and Yes I have began with my YouTube channel and that is going well. As you may know, I hope so..I am studying Psychology, sociology, Chinese and English. As much as I love Art and hated high school keeping me away from it I still want to continue. To be specific I choose to study animation since after Vacay I fell in love. I feel that is the only update I have right now about my personal life but there are some interesting things that will come up . I choose to not reveal them cause successful people do not do that!!




Coomeoflooks is coming back and if you do not know what is that you are probably a new  sassy Taco. In my high school years I began this attempt of interviewing different people and what they wear. I do not remember actually why I started this but I did have a high interest in fashion so I guess I might as well as bring it back. This time I am turning the interview into zines! You know what? I have a confession and that is I always wanted to start a magazine. This is the beginning and I hope I get inspired as well as motivated to continue this!

Journal Entry

coming soon!!! ( will be on my Instagram soon!!)


KRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA see ya next week and I want to know what does CYL stand for??



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New Youtube Video!!!!

Untitled design (22).png

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Runaway Girls: Black girl magic



Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and wow what a week!!! Sorry for not blogging lately ..well, I am just stuck with school and time management but I promise this will be resolved. Going on, I have realized how I am spending too much time on the future but not on the present. The idea is to have short term goals and build them. As a teenager now entering in the “young adulthood” I feel really .. not..motivated! It seems school has began to get boring and I am finding ways to fix my C’s into A’s. There is so much to do such as should I go with Kaplan or Polytechnic of Namibia either way it’s a journey…Um.. thats enough!

Am I growing?


Yes, I am now into digital art and aim.. I am telling everybody this right now to create a comic! That is why I created my development Artsy Channel which a kind supportive friend of mine suggested! It’s so nice to have the support!! Go check it out because more is coming and I will also like to know unicorns who else do you think I should follow for inspiration?

I want to know from you how is your Sunday so far?


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Runaway Girl: To Paris I fly


Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and welcome to another year in March. Let me begin with “ah” “wow” okay it’s been a while since I posted on my playground and you readers out, I love you as much as I love food. I am back and I guess I will be here forever. Last time I blogged I was depressed with the change of time and began posting illustrations but I was going through a changing phase whereby I was trying to get my blog to hit one of my 2016  “New Years Resolution” goal but …



You know how they say don’t quit and that dreams do come true?  well, I didn’t.. I kept going with this madness until I found an answer .. We are full of so many resources around us but it seems as if we ignore them. You know how you want to start a YouTube channel but you keep stopping yourself from doing so?  Well, don’t-WASTE-SO-MUCH-MONEY. Just do it! You have a phone with a camera and all you need is an editing software which is quite easy to get.


Unicorn Lover

Yeah, well I have decided to take that rough road and be laughed out and create an online magazine. If you ask me Sqlushee magazine is a cool name ..when I began I was really excited and tested this out by doing one of my project “feminism”. The idea was to go around ask people’s opinion and draft an entry but it seemed as if I was really annoying or fake. In total after sending about twenty messages to different profiles on Instagram, I got two reply’s which was good I mean I am starting it’s not like everyone will open a door to a stranger but it was good. What encourage me so much is that how I got to do illustrations was a journey. It took more than a boring art class to do so just and yes, I have been told I can’t draw so many times but that negative opinion lead  me to work hard and achieve my goal to be an underground visual artist. Well guess what?


If you are every feeling down and feel like pulling out well remember these words, “Sweat is the greatest gift in life !” I can’t reveal all of Sqlushee but I will try my best to give updates to all of you.This is the beginning of Runaway Girl a journey to be an influential editor!



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New web show is up “Bananasco”

Hey unicorns, it’s graysbygrace your very own rainbow and today Thursday at 12:50am I just made my new web show live to ya! woop woop! I can’t really believe it but yep it is here!! So there so far two videos are going to be released and yes I am very well excited. Ready, set and action!


Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.12.27 PM   Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

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Thunder storm + Bananasco Love with Martyna Pekala

Hey unicorns it’s graysbygrace your very own rainbow and welcome to another post on my daily life. Well, I have been doing fine I mean after the CAS trip with ME to WE, I could say my life is better. Everything seems so different and time is passing really fast. I remember the last time sitting in class listening to the teacher speak while taking notes and getting into trouble and having to be punished by being hit on the hands or on the bum bum, just because my hand writing was not neat or because I didn’t follow his/her “rules”. I guess that sounds like torture or the school life, I mean yep that was my life in primary school. But as I came to high school I needed to change but is that so? Nothing of me has changed really I am still the Grace that everyone knows about : Shy when you first meet her and crazy as life progresses. Well, yeah.. thats pretty.. sad ..but we all go on with life..yeap. I can’t really believe it I am now in grade 11 and returning back to my country whereby I would finish my last year of high school! Than I would be choosing my top university or starting my first ever career in what life gives me. I am still trying to improve my exploration and combing everything ( dance, writing and film ) into one. This is quite fun cause I have found the solution which is Bananasco but last week as I brainstormed I have noticed maybe what I am doing is not what I want. As soon as I followed my mind map, it seems as if I got bored of what I am doing.Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.49.43 PM Bananasco isn’t suppose to be this cool t.v series  with similar traits as others. I WANT SOMETHING NEW! And that is what I am going to work on during the summer and NOW. So here is the beginning of everything..I went shopping and decided to add on to my journals(4 journals in total) + I bought new items for my collection! All these items I bought them at a reasonable price in Lady Street, Beijing.


Writing/Journal Haul

Bananasco here we come!


This is a new book that I decided to add to my book babies. I have about 3 and now this is the fourth and this is where I would keep all my unique stories. I bought the book for about 15 yuan and I felt happy cause it was the beginning of Bananasco! yah! #journal_baby


SAM_6999 SAM_6996

This is the so called secret pen but why would an 18 year old have this? Doesn’t matter how old you are just do what you love! I love collecting these to decor my journals and I  just don’t like empty white books, I need them filled! I bought this for 15 yuan too.




This is a creative classmates DIY card and I bought two of them cause I felt like having two. I am actually glad I bought two cause there are pretty awesome with the feature to create  hairstyles, shoes, school uniform (pls) and etc. They each cost 10 yuan and I love them already but still haven’t used them “yet”.

Bananasco (1)


So this week on Bananasco I am trying to set up the website and make it live but it will be live by this week (I can’t promise that cause of the plan change). New things are coming! I am still thinking of going on youtube or continuing writing or do some “My life story” but I am getting somewhere. I am really happy to say this is going to go on, no matter what change of plan there is during this one bumpy ride. Going on, for my super fan aka friend aka sqlushee memeber thank you for this. This really makes me happy to know that somebody at least takes the time to check out Bananasco and do something this awesome love you Martyna. She is a great underground vintage artist who I love so much cause she is very very creative I mean I could consider her an inspiration to many people out there that love art. There are so many other Bananasco items out there or may I say “rabbit” and I love them all.


Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 1.28.09 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 5.32.05 PM

||credits to Martyna || instagram @martiniquathegreat ||

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

How is your Monday?



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