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Back to Back to school!


Hey unicorns its graysbygrace your very own rainbow. What! What? What,.. What.ghfffcggchgc! Its back to school kiddos ..what you pack? Give me your lunch boxx!! Hughshhggg .. Walking into that hall again that you have been in for 6 years.. Yikes..summer sadness..Winter sadness ..bullies.. Fake dolls and..loners … Why? So, you have heard my stress I moved back into my country and I was about to complete my year 12 but now it seems as if I have to start again grade 11. @###%&6%5&2&% I am done with life.time.universe.words. I am done. Going abroad is like changing your life starting from culture, accent, social life and routine. We simply move back and forth .. I did not sign up for this! @#%56##$% I don’t know what makes me angry: not being accepted or having to deal with starting again grade 12 ..watching your friends drift away to Collage\  University or being stuck in grade 12 %#@3@@54@&6&&&$&5 Okay, I wrote this too early hoping that this idea won’t drift away. So, “10” for yes I am going to school to finish this drama.
So day 2 .. nope, I ain’t going to school but waiting…some of you are writing your exams\ tests-with love break both legs. One thing for sure is that I am glad to leave the IB system because I was failing my subjects like crazy so cheers to a new start! Hope I get better grades and swim into university \ college.

Obsession: Oliver Rousteing! Just looked at Balmain its so well detailed!! 

Random sadness
I feel everybody should be given something at the end of the day so that they feel they have done something. Of course everywhere you walk, failure is going lead. So maybe a little prize!

What some back to school crisis you had so far? If not, what are some goals you have for the new semester?

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Namjing with style

Hey unicorns its graysbygrace your very own rainbow. I am really falling into a stone. If that’s possible? So, its been a while since I  blogged and set but raise a cup of wine I finally advance with this data situation. So I can actually call myself Namibian!! Unfortunately, my computer isn’t with me and my camera but that doesn’t stop me from sketching! So I’d advice you to check out graysbygrace on instagram. I haven’t really found any Namibian bloggers out there so, what a big world. But we are getting somewhere. Enough with that! I’ll be sharing a pet peeve:  “Angry cashers” in a store. I don’t know if that’s a thing but I have never walked into a store whereby I walked out with messed up thoughts! You can’t just place stress on a customer I mean I have rights as you do and a life so I  am guessing I have problems too. Rude is a crime!!

Awkward Silence..
What do u think of me as superman? Huh Superman v.s. Burney. Is that even illegal? Burney is scary! Telitubies are scary unicorns but I don’t know why kids find them so amusing. Why? Somebody tell me why??
– inspired by Martyna.

Share some of your pet peeves!!

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My empire


Hey unicorns it’s sassy taco your very own pumpkin. From this day own till the year ends,  I will be taking over. I just want to end the year with some “must have on my playlist” jams. I wouldn’t really consider worrying about the year that the songs are released because we can all admit that we are living it.

Here is my playlist:
2. Pressure Pills
Mikky Ekko
3. Dirty Vibe
Skrillex/ Diplo/G Dragon/CL
4. Golden
Travie McCoy/Sia
5. Hotline Bling
6. Slay
Trevor Moran
7. Wild
Troye Sivan
8. Black Magic
Little Mix
9. Lean On
Major Lazer/ MØ/DJ Snake
10. Hello
11. Bones
Ms Mr
12. Omen
Disclosure/Sam Smith
13. Cheerleader
14. Alive

What are you guys jammin to?

Sassy Pumpkin Taco

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Unicorn not stable

Hey unicorns it’s graysbygrace your very own rainbow. Blogging lately has been a headache because I am getting punched day by day. Coming from an international school and trying to fit in your own country is like being rejected by 5 of your favorite university. Than there is Wi-Fi. If you have noticed on Facebook, I have been repeatedly drowning with this mood. I am trying to find a way to blog and save data but my attempts seem to fail. But if you have had the same problem, how did you overcome it?
In conclusion I got to say, I wasn’t at all prepared to go from Beijing to Namibia. Now, I got a Santa list of things that I just want to change but I am sure I have to stand up and do before my birthday.

But today’s motivation is:

Be the person your made to be

So many times I have been told to be somebody else but swore no matter how close/important that  person telling me is, rejection with a cheers.


Signing out without a signature but a …

She dreamed of blues

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Hello, it’s me

Hello, it's me

Gray top
185 CNY – yoins.com

Simon Miller vintage jeans
2,195 CNY – matchesfashion.com

Keds sneaker
320 CNY – keds.com

Rimmel lips makeup
53 CNY – thehut.com

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