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Runaway Girls: Black girl magic



Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and wow what a week!!! Sorry for not blogging lately ..well, I am just stuck with school and time management but I promise this will be resolved. Going on, I have realized how I am spending too much time on the future but not on the present. The idea is to have short term goals and build them. As a teenager now entering in the “young adulthood” I feel really .. not..motivated! It seems school has began to get boring and I am finding ways to fix my C’s into A’s. There is so much to do such as should I go with Kaplan or Polytechnic of Namibia either way it’s a journey…Um.. thats enough!

Am I growing?


Yes, I am now into digital art and aim.. I am telling everybody this right now to create a comic! That is why I created my development Artsy Channel which a kind supportive friend of mine suggested! It’s so nice to have the support!! Go check it out because more is coming and I will also like to know unicorns who else do you think I should follow for inspiration?

I want to know from you how is your Sunday so far?


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Ethnicity Tag

Ethnicity tag pic

Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and Happy Friday! Sorry for posting this late it’s because the computer was in use and I had to let it go. Originally this was meant for African day but as you read somebody was using the Laptop. Okay, here I am with the Ethnicity Tag!

What is your ethnicity?

Namibian ..Proud Oshiwambo speaker! I know when people hear I am owambo they reject me because of my accent but you heard it from me.

Do you have an ethnic name?

Yes, Ndeshi

Name one ethnic food you enjoy most?

Oshifima and Wambo Chicken!!Yummy!

Name one house hold item that best represents your culture? 

That thingy you use to cook the oshifima ..I forgot it’s name though!!

What part of your country are you from? 

From the Northern Part!

What song reminds you of your country?

The Swapo song!

Can you speak the language of your country?

I mean yeah kind of I am an average speaker ..I just hit it with an accent!

Okay I wanna know Where you guys are from?


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Runaway Girl Series: The Plan

Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and Happy Friday! I hope you know what week it is ..It’s time for the Runaway girl Series talk to talk! If your new here every Friday I blog and update Unicorn society on whats up? How I am doing?… Well, your just following my journey!


This week I took the time to finally create my vision board and write down everything I want to accomplish on this shameless journey.  The good news is I am back on Polyvore and will be creating more sets and this time I am going to accomplish one of my biggest dream. That is to create an official FANTASY FASHION blog! I will tell you some more once I see how this would work out I guess..

I want to know what did you eat today? Something random for one day.


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Runaway Girl Series: Shameless Promotion


Hey Unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and may I say happy Friday! I hope your all having a wonderful Friday because I am feeling me, doing me and being me..if that makes sense. I want to know what you did today in a sequence you know because I want to interact with you guys and get to know you better.

On today’s menu I am going to be exploring two things which are Maya’s video and also an artist I am so addicted to this year.

shameless Maya


Mayas video

If you are boo or part of the boo challenge then you might as well as know Maya’s World! I mean who doesn’t ..I will give you a brief introduction. She is an amazing, talented, inspirational Youtuber, and I also heard photographer who gave out the challenge for talented people sitting on their dreams to do something! I mean how cool is that! In her video below she explains how shy she was or “ashamed” keeping in mind that she was bubbled up with her creative ideas.  She give that a stop and decided to go shameless!

“What would happen if I shamelessly promoted myself for 365 days?” was the question and social media experiment marking the start of Maya’s online self-discovery.

Laovaan Video+thoughts

What is art? Why do professor call Manga, fashion designs or anything simple that does not connect to Van Gogh ..Picasso or simply “art”. When you enter an art class for the first time the teachers would always advice you to connect to your life so that you may apply that to your artworks but sometimes our love such as Manga may not be exceptional. Well his video is similar to this scenario above but it did not end in high school it continued in University too. He needed to divide his work into pieces for university and pieces for him[ I don’t really know how to explain this but I hope you understand]. I wanna know what you think?

Let me say I have joined an art competition and lost. I left with my ballet art and closed the doors of the competitive world! It’s a shame that they were looking for new ideas but I will never understand them. Maybe at that moment it was time for me divide my work with the competitive world. Who knows????


My thoughts

I am bubbled with these ideas in my head. I mean, how many opportunities have I closed down because I feel I am not good enough. Plus, I am working on so much perfection that I have grown so much- if you have been following my journey. From finger art which looks so bad towards sketch and learning how to blend. I was going through a journey! You know what I realized? I have not been honest to myself and you guys throughout my journey but now I have decided today I am going shameless!

what would happen of I shamelessly promoted myself online?

Well, I am tired of judging myself I am going to take these opportunities that have came across my path and do me. I mean yes, I will fail but it’s better to try something and fail than sit there and do nothing at all.

I choose these two videos because I realized that something in my journey was not just right! Here I am joining these communities trying to look for opportunities while there sitting right there. I am closing too many doors and it’s time I start opening them and being me. It’s time to be the Medusa that I have created and be fearless!

I wanna know what you think Unicorns? If you are boo I want to connect how are you?



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Runaway girl Series: Why I blog?

Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace and happy Friday ! I am feeling happyliciousmountslaying! I hope your doing well and having a great Friday.

If your reading this your probably here to find out why I love blogging but here are the reasons:


I love meeting people who have similar likes. It’s like living in a world with people who actually go through with what your going through and you don’t feel alone.


Sharing to inspire is one of my goals and I believe every year I go through a changing phase because I am learning.


I love creating and when I learned about the WordPress platform I didn’t let go of the chance to be known around the different social media platforms.  I created my own world in hopes that one day I will be proud of taking a shameless risk. #doyouboo


Well, I didn’t make it as an influential teen Blogger since I have  reached my adulthood but I did get a chance to grow my goals as a Fantasy Fashion Blogger. Yes, I welcome you in this journey “Runaway Girl Series”

Hey, I want to know your reasons.


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Runaway Girl Series: University Life



Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and happy Friday to all you Unicorns out there! I hope you are all having a lovely wonderful day because I am.

Just woke up and decided to blog about University… I am all stressed out about it and nervous but excited at the same time. The outline above just expresses my mood no further description …


Follow me further in this journey cause I am graduating..I want to know who else is in their senior year and who is in University cause I want some tips?

With love


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Why minorities hate cultural appropriation?

Grays World - Drawing 10-956757293

Why many Black women, Native Americans, Asian Americans and other minorities hate cultural appropriation and exactly why it is damaging?

Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and I am back! I am sorry for not posting lately because I was busy with my term one exam and I was in pressure but I am back. While on YouTube I was recommended a video with the similar title as my blog post.

Grays World - Drawing 12-1705848683

My understanding:

Cultural Appropriation involves the idea of a highly dominate culture taking a minority’s culture without understanding it. Going on,  some minorities are not recognize and given a bad image but people still use their culture for branding making these “people” highly recognized or embraced.  We are talking about decorations, jewelry, clothes and etc.

Why is it so important?

Imagine the future of young black individuals with their hairstyles especially Africans being judged vs a highly recognized brand being embraced using these hairstyles for their show. Uniquely, The generation coming  will stop embracing their own culture in addition to being original because of how their being criticized.  Forward, your child will walk into your house with Japanese clothes with little understanding of how it reflects towards the Japanese culture. Going on, learning about another persons culture is important because it allows you to understand more about it. Not only does it make you open minded but an individual with awareness.

Grays World - Drawing 13-1387287513

How do I feel?

I feel more confident in myself because when somebody copies my culture it makes more proud though I don’t benefit from this ( a better image of the black culture)  but behind the mirror we all know the story. Any minority can agree that somehow we are unique we are an inspiration to fashion trends.  I am angry though because my culture is a profit to high dominate brand and ”then there is somebody who says bantu knots are not neat ”

I want to know your point of view, what do you think?


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Life story

Hey unicorns, grays here with my friday drums, so play them with me! Oki that day when your  lazy  to go make sets on Polyvore and I guess that’s this day [back is paining and exams are near]. I have been writing this in secret cause I thought it would be special especially when including all my friends. Oki, I don’t want to bored you here .. so here it is!

Life Story : Day of unitato

You just woke up on a Monday at 6:00 and you have no messages , NOTHING! Would this be your life forever or would this be for now, I don’t know! C’est la vie.  We all know you don’t want it to end like this so choose your four best people to bug!

A: Zoe- This girl rocks! oki! idk but I think I have never annoyed her so much. I guess the reason                   maybe cause she is a two side chick! sorry Zoe I had to. Love you my sassy Onion!

B: Martyna- Oki, she expected me to confess about the “kind of friend” she is : she is the crazy wicked unicorn of the North! Love you dear.

C: John- I mean he has boring sense of humor and I think he would admire my lazy jokes! Get it           John..”admire my sense of boring jokes”..hahah..oki, bye John.

D: Rosemary:Cause she has 10 lives and I want to practice a ritual to steal 9 of her lives! I think every time you call this girl she either talks about Sqlushee or never answers. Her only excuse she that she lost her phone in Starbucks..7 eleven..Solana.pls rose keep your story straight!

Good job Grays..oh no! you have to take a bath it is 6:25 hurry you need to get to school! Je need some music,  so pick out your artist! 

A: Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz – Talk dirty * This is my jam I know my body would love this!

Your Awesome, oh no! lights go off and they stay down and they stay down! off, on,off, on! Thats an alert from your sister that it is 7:00,  time to get dressed. Whatcha gonna wear! do u smell that? wait a minute… oh no – Rose is here, she left you a message saying:  *thire isn’t skol today  so it’s fime to hang out 🙂 😛 😛 LOL (selfie of herself walking up at your apartment)*  Make a decision fast. 

A: No, Rose your my friend and everything but when you loose your phone you turn more crazy            than martyna who I “accidentally” send a “hallop” message to her teachers friend! #friendteahcerzone

B: Yes, Rose I love you (heart) whatever your the only one that wants to hang out!

Final Pick:  No!

Rose has just insisted! she is still coming! But you my  friend .. naked is our  friend lets make her our enemy.. like a house lets decor you! Choose some of your stylers amongst anybody to MAKE YOU LOOK FABO,  could be any of your friends or a famous designer.

A: Juliana : Oki i know I trust my aunt with my hair and she will make me the next thing oki!

B: Make up: Amna- this girl would handle everything ! idk she will make me look like the unicorn I       am. #onfleek

HUH? oki,  so I guess you have made yourself a star! It seems like your about to go at Coco and Vanilla to talk with ..You know were this heading! But you need to get this rose problem off your back! Luckily there is something thats called magic in this world so choose a person of your choice to let it go!

A: Nicole- they are just a match just sayin! Perfection is everyones addiction!!

NOP, NOT WORKING ! OH, NO! YOU HAVE MADE A MISTAKE! You just need to go with them! gosh Grays! Your the reason why sandals are worn in winter and shorts a given a chance for this winter crisis!  *cough..cough*


Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

P.S. to my dear friend Martyna this is the reason why?

tumblr pic from:wedontgiveafuckallthetime

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