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Mood board 2019(April)

Character Moodboard

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Exams have ended and I am drained


Yes, I am back with another blog post and I am quite excited to be sitting down and typing. I hope you are all having a wonderful day today and you should be because life should not be wasted with an unhappy face. As exams were happening I was thinking about what is the next step with my blog and where do I see it in the future because I want it to be different from my youtube and Ello account as well as Instagram. During that period I also joined BLOGTOBER which ended up as a flop because I just could not keep up with it. But now I am on a lonng break which will soon be cut because I will be traveling( Not that big).


After the exams there was a wedding ( My uncle got married) which actually ruined my sleeping hours and now I am waking up 10:00am everyday which I changed a while back  because I felt I just wasted alot of time. Now it is BACK! Hopefully I can change my sleeping hours because goshh this can not be like this for long. I am mentally, emotional and physically happy but nothing on the updates of  health.


I have seen I am improving but I still feel I am not that confident at putting my artwork out there. I feel this is normal for any artist especially when you are surrounded with criticism. I have listened to a lot of people tell me do this but I just can’t. I am taking a few steps by entering exhibition competitions which can be found on the Ello website. By the way, I have decided to make my Ello page my portfolio because I feel my blog should slowly move away from my art and concentrate on something else. I am doing great! Apart from that I am learning new styles of art which I am happy to do on my blog as comics or just illustrations. As you can see above I have tried one. I just feel I have been stuck in the bubble with realism and I am tired so I am taking a new approach. Here is a video below in which I attempt to do this cartoon challenge.

As for my Instagram account I decided to make it my zine or mini zine which I will update everyday! I always wanted to create a zine and I had a long thought on what I should do with my Instgram account. I wanted to delete it at first because it is soo boring just getting tired of the luxury feeds and becoming jealous of other peoples success. Hopefully I get a phone soon so that I can control what I want to see on my feeds because I just miss my artsy friends feeds.

I would love to know how you are doing? What you have been up to? Where are you from? How is the weather where you are?


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Somebody to speak to . SASSYTACO CHAT!

If you are feeling down today and need somebody to talk..you can always look towards the internet and find somebody. I don’t want my blog to be just a platform whereby I write to you guys but also a place for everybody to meet and discuss their day.  So if you need anybody to speak to and communicate with or just have a chat I am here for you. You can send me an email gracenande@ymail.com. I am here to listen and to advice. They say it is better to speak to a stranger that does not know you than somebody that knows you. I want you to know your going to have a great day and I hope to see you. *I am so bad with blogtober*

This blog post was inspired by :

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Blogtober: Study Smart, Study Less


Exams are quite close..I mean tomorrow and some of us really need tips for studying, time management and motivation! Whats up sassy tacos..Unicorns! It’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day because I am ..I am doing the most being the best and aiming high.

Yes, finally I am going to write about something that I feel will help a lot of people! I am really excited to sit down , type this and hopefully I don’t write way too much to the point that I need to delete some ideas.

Time Mangement

The first step into studying and has been repeated a lot in school is having an efficient time management. A lot of people I have met do really have horrible time management and I can’t deny I fall into that category. We tend to always complain we don’t have time for that ..I don’t have time for that but behind all those excuses, we know we waste a lot of time on unnecessary activities. Before you start studying you need to plan out which course takes up a lot of time especially those that have a lot of reading materials such as for me it would be Psychology. So this means I need to read all the materials (books, research and etc) before my exams. Why is this? So you don’t get overwhelmed when you are about to study.

Another important strategy to take in mind is summarizing and understand your own notes. There are so many methods out there that could help you with organizing your notes . My favorite and was taught to me through high school is the Cornell Method. I also use mind maps which was introduced by my History Teacher. *one of the best- she deserves a reward*  I can tell you my favorites of favorites but they might not work for you and this means your need to find out what works with you.

As you have your notes ready, read your materials  before your exams, you need to also  know  when your writing your exams. Obviously, I knew my exams would be in October so for sure I was already preparing my notes ( especially psychology). This is important because now you can set up which dates you really need to prepare for exams or read your materials.


Now, the best way to set up your studying  periods or time is to actually test them out. You have to understand yourself and be as honest as possible. How long does it take you to actually be bored? How long can read without distraction? You need to study your self too! Yes, you can read and plan to read the whole day but you can only concentrate for a limited time. If you are successful in doing this 4 am studying thing go ahead. * if you are getting the result*  If you are not, let me help you. What you can do is split your time on the activities that you want to spend on. If the activity takes you a longer period time such as reading than you should have a longer time set for it. If you are going to study than my advice is start timing yourself 25-30 minutes. Why? This is mostly how long you can concentrate.  This method above also helps with procrastination.

Time Mangement 2

Another advice to keep in mind is to take a break because if you continuously put yourself under pressure than you won’t at all concentrate. This also includes getting enough sleep before your exams. One thing for sure, you should NOT be studying one day before your exams that should be your REVISING period.  Why? we tend to complain about how tired we are and yet when asked what time you slept? The respond would be 1 am.. *Of course you will be tired! Do not do this if you are not used to it ..warning with experience!* Adding on to this after revising one day before my text/exams I have realized  which topics I don’t understand and how well I understand a topic. This also shows how much you are taking in the exam. One of my teacher told me it is good to be over confident when writing an  exam but you are not learning anything at all because you know the answer. So, go into that exam with what you carry and remember you will need do some mistakes because that is how you will learn.


I feel the first step into being motivated is Preparation because if you have everything well organized than you tend not to have anxiety. They say how you start the day is how you will end the day so I feel the same thing applies to how you start studying for an exam.  Workout! Journal! Spend at least 10-20 minutes with just yourself. Take care of your self because if you are mentally prepared and physical then success is on your way.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog post and If you have other tips, please do comment below! See you tomorrow and I will do an entry on how my exams went.


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Blogtober : A disaster on a Project

A Thing I would have done differently on a project

Whats up ** unicorns! It’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow! I hope y’all doing fine and living your best life because life is too short not-to.

For a while now, I have been posting a lot of Animations on YouTube and sometimes I look back saying, ”Why didn’t I do that?” or ”What was you thinking?” I don’t really speak much about this but there are times while I am creating a new project and get stuck or just feel things are not working out. I have read a lot of blog post that did help me activate my creativity and stop fighting with my software. One thing for sure, I realized I needed help after my second story time on YouTube which is :

You don’t know how much I hate this video because it came out how I did not plan it to be.  ”I feel so far videos are not coming out how I planned them to be.” [Annoyed]

I know I am not at a step whereby I can create full animation videos but come on at least life should agree with me. If I had a chance and a wish I would step back and would have done my research first. This was suppose to be a full animation not really like this *if you watched it* You know what? sometimes you just got to get up and research because argh! This will happen. So I feel if  did my research, I would have at least mastered some techniques in doing animation. Here is one of my favorite video on Youtube that made me understand traditional animation and the hard work that goes with it.

I also I can’t leave without mentioning these videos that are currently helping me improve with my digital painting techniques..I have a dream and that is to soon be comfortable with digital painting.

This the process of being self-taught..an interesting Adventure! I really want to mix the techniques and become a better digital painter hopefully in the future.


I would love to know what things/a thing that you would have done differently on a project?


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Blogtober 1: Dear Future Me


If your reading this you are one of kind. You are strong,brave and somebody who does not give up.  I am so proud that you have gone so far with your dreams. It was practice that has taken you really far. I hope you have realized that if you major in minor things it will not take you anywhere and it is better not to preoccupy yourself with a lot of goals because honey stress! Have you seen yourself? Well, I bet you having fun and grinding. YOU ARE HUNGRY! HUNGRY TO SUCCEED! HUNGRY!



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Mood Board October



Yesterday, I was a flower.

All bloomed and rejected to have a groom.

Yesterday was my last,

I don’t know if I can take this but here I am…

I am a woman but don’t confuse

my role with my abilities.

I maybe shy but my voice can echo

Feel it as it can heal your narrowed heart

Let me end by saying this is not a piece of art.

Please, now you can depart!

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Greyscale Digital Painting


First time doing greyscale

Last week, I decided to work on grey scale digital painting because I have realized how I wanted more attention on the eye make. While painting in color I noticed how high contrast the makeup and the face is. Adding on, I do admit I had  to learn about color theory which I have ignored for century.

final 3

Final animation for mystyle

A challenge that I have faced while doing my digital in grey scales is, I can’t really blend the varies layers. I learned about having a  base, blush, contrast and shadow layer but I don’t actually know how to blend them together. I don’t know if this is because I need to change the blending layers I just do not know how to go about it.

end of running

Animation for my style (ideas)

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The season of taking risk

I don’t really know but lately I have been taking risk as an artist such trying again to learn how to color digital paint.

Alien life

some people would say this is perfect but I am not really liking what I did here..nice try but good mistake.  Just because the color of the skin is challenging the eye makeup. I really want the eyes on the eye makeup. So, that is why I tried again.


As seen above these are characters that I have done for my animation on Youtube..yeah, that too needs a lot of improvement but I will get there. Anyways, I have decided to do grey scale painting  just because

A.  The eye makeup pops out more

B. This is much easier just because you are using only three colors  ..since it is gray.

Okay, you may be wondering why I am stressing on the eyemake ..well I have a pinterest account and one of my boards with the name ”makeup” is quite a hitter..idk what that means. I just want to do more of these just because they are amazing and quite me..not really a fan of heavy makeup nor do I wear makeup #naturalbeauty or something like.


I want to know what seasons are in right now? This is inspired by one of favorite Youtubers..a beauty and a doo you boo Queen..Yes!

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