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New Years Resolutions 🎭🎇🎆

Hey unicorns it’s graysbygrace your very own rainbow.🌈
2015 has came to an end and 2016 has come to be the New Year. In 2015 we have failed, gained, and overcome challenges.
Graysbygrace has grew slowly and stands firmly like an empire. To tell you the truth, last time I did my New Years Resolution it was something new. I even googled it in four languages just to understand what it was? .. That’s extreme, I didn’t but it felt like it. This year, I shamelessly shared my blog and learned I need a new list to challenge myself.

So Unicorns, let’s go on with it 🎭

1. Get involved in collaborations
2. Work out a schedule for my post
3. Start growing “Come of looks”
4. Be involved in my environment/ events
5. Explore📷
6. Take risks even though I know there going fail.
7. Build more confidence in myself
8. Work outside my blog to learn new ways to build my blog.
9. Grow my theatrical side or fantasy
10. Bananasctv “how can I?”🎥


believe that you can do it even if u know your going you fail

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My empire


Hey unicorns it’s sassy taco your very own pumpkin. From this day own till the year ends,  I will be taking over. I just want to end the year with some “must have on my playlist” jams. I wouldn’t really consider worrying about the year that the songs are released because we can all admit that we are living it.

Here is my playlist:
2. Pressure Pills
Mikky Ekko
3. Dirty Vibe
Skrillex/ Diplo/G Dragon/CL
4. Golden
Travie McCoy/Sia
5. Hotline Bling
6. Slay
Trevor Moran
7. Wild
Troye Sivan
8. Black Magic
Little Mix
9. Lean On
Major Lazer/ MØ/DJ Snake
10. Hello
11. Bones
Ms Mr
12. Omen
Disclosure/Sam Smith
13. Cheerleader
14. Alive

What are you guys jammin to?

Sassy Pumpkin Taco

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Namibian Barbie #1 : Lydia Penny Daniel

Now, I know this blog is all random and weird but I am still trying to find one certain theme. This is the beginning..I have noticed that there are so many talented people out of my world (Nora) that are wonderful and it is the matter of talking and interacting with them to get to know them better. I am really happy to share this because I have this one  African Queen who is so inspirational. I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with Lydia Penny Daniel and her wonderful Journey. 


Here are 7 Reasons why you would love Lydia?

1. She is Smart

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.32.38 PM

2.  Perfect practice makes you Perfect

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.32.50 PM

3. SHOTS (s0-hot)!


4. Vogue (very original girl-unique)


5. African Queen


7. Sense of Style

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.34.03 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.32.25 PM


Bonus: Model


Lets Go Lydia! With Love Grays!


unicorn Island

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Spring Recovery

Hey unicorns, It’s grays your rainbow for life #promo! SAM_6605

So, a lot has been going on especially with my blog changes and my creative ideas which I don’t want to brag about cause they have a long way but I am getting somewhere..So hows my life? Well amazing, really.. I can say ..My whole life has been wonderful!  It’s spring wink!

So here is my weekend update :

I took the time of socializing on friday during the epic 3 day break with my friends and had a meeting to discuss if this “dream” could actually come true but sadly relationships always tare apart.. is long over forever cause of that one direction that we all take.



It seems like the fun couldn’t end there as we took the time to go out at Chaoyang park in beijing to have fun. The rides/roller-coaster were our first spins to game fear which I thought was a horrible experience cause all it brought is a phobia for roller-coasters(Awesome.IK).  After going for a spin the hunted house was next and I literally screamed I mean wow, what an illusion that we got through wearing those glasses that they gave us. BooOOO! The funny thing is that we where so scared one of us chicken out and ran back to the light. Than there was this man who came out of nowhere who just came to see if we were oki cause we -were- loud and I concluded to say that he came “maybe” to help us but nah just another character trying to make a boo. BooOOO! You know what? It happens that I have walked through a hunted house and made it to the end cause that doesn’t happen to all of us rit? wink ,wink  BooOOOO!  But since being a horror fan I have learned that emotional I can’t take down the world of the supernatural. I would say two embarrassing things that happened at that time I would like to tell you about are:

one, some ant went through my boots and dug a hole. #notyourhome


And two, kids where going on these rides and they had confidence seriously they didn’t scream at all! What a world!!!

SAM_6614 SAM_6617

Also I took the time to eat a bun I bought in Paris Baguette store for 7 yuan in Solana which I found tasty..yummy! I would suggest this place for any of you who like la goûter for a day because it is totally amazing.





Dear unicorns

My day ended with dead sleep and ending up to do my homework at last minute which I sometimes fear when somebody asks me to go out. I think the greatest moment here was to take the time to go out and explore  but most importantly to have fun and be out there! Sometimes when you are out there you can reflect and be more open minded with your decisions.



Outfits all bought at Yashow,Beijing:

green jeans: 80 yuan

pink jersey: 90 yuan

boots: 120 yuan (oh my poor boots)

hair-bend (street van): 7 yuan

hairstyle:  Fishtale

Love graysbygrace xoxoxo


well why don’t I ask..

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.57.25 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

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Comme of Looks : Mr. Saulnier

which type of style best describes you?

Inside school: classy and simple

“Each piece of clothing has a function.”

 Where do you usually shop and which brand/brands do you prefer?

In China: Zara, H&M, Uniqlo

Outside: RW&CO, Le Château

 Do you prefer to shop alone or with company?


 Any inspirations or motives?

Simple but interesting, not just plain. I like to layer subtle contrasts, and then add a pop of colour or a sharp pattern. Clothing should also be seasonal. Dark colors in Winter, light colors in Summer and Spring, and earth tones in the fall.

Do you get judged by what you wear? This can be directly or maybe as a joke. If so, how do you reply?

Yes, treatment, perception can depend on how we dress. I get called ‘sir’ much more often when I wear a suit.

When I dress down, I tend to wear a polo or something like that. Sometimes my friends tease me that I’m fancy, but I tell them I’m French or they just don’t know how to dress. You have to learn to laugh about it…

Do you adapt to new trends, do you create or do you ignore?

I’m not a big fan of trends, but I am influenced by the world of fashion. Sometimes, I get inspired and “I do my own funky thing”.

 Has there been a case of you over dressing? What were you wearing?

The first day of my internship, I wore a suit, but nobody else was really dressed up.

Have you seen anybody over dressed? What were they wearing?

Yes, anonymous, he wears suits on Mondays when only a shirt and pants are required.

Are there trends you feel should be eliminated?

Sandals and dress pants. Pointy arms on women’s blazers.

 Trends that you feel should come back again or be retouched?

Yes, The pointy arms on women’s blazers should fall naturally on the shoulders.

If you could choose any one item from my magical closet that would appear as I continue reading, what would it be and why?

Crocodile shoes: “I like them, but I would never buy them; they’re too expensive.”

If you could create one brand for a certain item what would you call it and why would you create this bread (motives)?

Brand: Gentlemen Today

“Classy clothing but wouldn’t have ties”

 Quote of the Year or favorite quote or quote of hope?

Quotes that are for low fashion and big fashion

“Whether you’re conscious of it or not, fashion is your life.

– Willam Saulnier


Outfit 1:
Photo on 2015-01-28 at 22.43 #2


Photo on 2015-01-28 at 22.44



Outfit 2:

Photo on 2015-01-28 at 22.38

Outfit 3:

Photo on 2015-01-28 at 22.28

Photo on 2015-01-28 at 22.30 #2


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