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Runaway girl Series: Why I blog?

Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace and happy Friday ! I am feeling happyliciousmountslaying! I hope your doing well and having a great Friday.

If your reading this your probably here to find out why I love blogging but here are the reasons:


I love meeting people who have similar likes. It’s like living in a world with people who actually go through with what your going through and you don’t feel alone.


Sharing to inspire is one of my goals and I believe every year I go through a changing phase because I am learning.


I love creating and when I learned about the WordPress platform I didn’t let go of the chance to be known around the different social media platforms.  I created my own world in hopes that one day I will be proud of taking a shameless risk. #doyouboo


Well, I didn’t make it as an influential teen Blogger since I have  reached my adulthood but I did get a chance to grow my goals as a Fantasy Fashion Blogger. Yes, I welcome you in this journey “Runaway Girl Series”

Hey, I want to know your reasons.


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What is beauty?

Hey unicorns, its graysbygrace your very own rainbow. I got a question what is beauty? 

|Winnie Harlow|

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Back to school


Yasss! Hey unicorns it’s graysbygrace your very own rainbow and wow! School begins..I am not excited nor am I happy but I really want to get through with school and live the LIFE! As you know doing grade 11 and 12 again can be a headache but its good cause I can improve. Guys I know some of you are already tired and some of are about to quit but it’s no time for that! Let me help you here are a few tips that can make the year pass in a snap *crackles*

#1 Goals
I hate them because they fail and sometimes they are just impossible to achieve but we can all get somewhere.

#2 Think Positive
“Oh, I have no chance in English!”- This is negative ..you need to really hold up your head and dream. They sometimes crush but we learn right?

#3 Put your hands in the game!
I would suggest if you want to improve than staying away from these bad influences is best.

#4 Time Management
I did this but I always had these obstacles that approached me but I still gave my best.

#5 Health bar!??
Hallo, its me! Drink water! Eat fruits and vegetables! Unicorn don’t forget to at least exercise and take breaks during your study time.

#6 Work Together
Sometimes your teacher doesn’t come out like the movies. You know what sister, set a group to study because you got dreams right?

#7 Have Fun!
You know what school is hard but we can all achieve. You know if you have one more year of High school, spend it well!  while you can!

Love Graysbygrace

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Thinking out loud 💌🏃

Hey unicorns it’s graysbygrace your very own rainbow. Grays believes it is a Monday today and a time for sharing. There is nothing like a sunny bright rainy afternoon with green tea next to you. Every time it would rain I would be sleepy, bored and lazy. Have any of you ever experienced this? There is really something about rain..Monday, a second day of the week that irritates everybody. It’s really a perfect day to blog because you can release  all the energy and breath at the . I’ve got some questions? How many of you count Sunday as the beginning of the week? How about Monday? Why? What’s one great thing about Monday? I haven’t got a clue with the last question only observed that when Friday is here everybody seems to get excited. But have you ever asked what’s one bad thing about Friday? Monday and Friday are two strange days and the other days seem to be neutral.


This week I am obsessed with my pen. The reason behind is because my handwriting fits best with this pen. I am not light when I write so yeah. I bought the pen at pep store at the price of N$24. They come two in a pack with different ink : blue or black. You can also find other wonderful items in Walton’s especially this pen. I heard it’s a great place to buy back to school items. I’ve haven’t gone shopping yet because I am still waiting to be placed into a school so fingers crossed unicorns.


If you haven’t noticed I’ve been using Instagram as a back up because it uses less data on my phone but I will be able to make sets soon as well as be back on Bananascotv (Youtube).


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My empire


Hey unicorns it’s sassy taco your very own pumpkin. From this day own till the year ends,  I will be taking over. I just want to end the year with some “must have on my playlist” jams. I wouldn’t really consider worrying about the year that the songs are released because we can all admit that we are living it.

Here is my playlist:
2. Pressure Pills
Mikky Ekko
3. Dirty Vibe
Skrillex/ Diplo/G Dragon/CL
4. Golden
Travie McCoy/Sia
5. Hotline Bling
6. Slay
Trevor Moran
7. Wild
Troye Sivan
8. Black Magic
Little Mix
9. Lean On
Major Lazer/ MØ/DJ Snake
10. Hello
11. Bones
Ms Mr
12. Omen
Disclosure/Sam Smith
13. Cheerleader
14. Alive

What are you guys jammin to?

Sassy Pumpkin Taco

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Hey unicorns, graysbygrace your very own rainbow here. It has been awhile but the days do get rough as you have your last year of high school and need to keep those marks as high as possible to make your family proud. Yes, I guess I am living it.  Yes, I know I have missed my blogging time which is every Monday and yes, I feel it has been weeks but I am back. THIS UNICORN IS BACK and I guess with the survey that I have made I am so happy cause I have got all these new ideas that are popping through my head that I can’t wait to share. One thing is for sure and that is Bananasco is finally starting and I am so happy cause I have decided to go on with it anyways!


Another thing is that my Survey is closed but you can follow me as always on other social media’s to keep in touch so that you don’t miss any NEWSSSS like this.

Closed Survey

 Thank you all for taking the survey!!! 

Twitter (live as this blog) : @GraceNande3

Instagram ( Um, I am under the rock) : @graysbygrace

Fan pages aka hangouts



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