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New Youtube Video!!!!

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Runaway Girl Series #1

Runaway Girl series

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Why minorities hate cultural appropriation?

Grays World - Drawing 10-956757293

Why many Black women, Native Americans, Asian Americans and other minorities hate cultural appropriation and exactly why it is damaging?

Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and I am back! I am sorry for not posting lately because I was busy with my term one exam and I was in pressure but I am back. While on YouTube I was recommended a video with the similar title as my blog post.

Grays World - Drawing 12-1705848683

My understanding:

Cultural Appropriation involves the idea of a highly dominate culture taking a minority’s culture without understanding it. Going on,  some minorities are not recognize and given a bad image but people still use their culture for branding making these “people” highly recognized or embraced.  We are talking about decorations, jewelry, clothes and etc.

Why is it so important?

Imagine the future of young black individuals with their hairstyles especially Africans being judged vs a highly recognized brand being embraced using these hairstyles for their show. Uniquely, The generation coming  will stop embracing their own culture in addition to being original because of how their being criticized.  Forward, your child will walk into your house with Japanese clothes with little understanding of how it reflects towards the Japanese culture. Going on, learning about another persons culture is important because it allows you to understand more about it. Not only does it make you open minded but an individual with awareness.

Grays World - Drawing 13-1387287513

How do I feel?

I feel more confident in myself because when somebody copies my culture it makes more proud though I don’t benefit from this ( a better image of the black culture)  but behind the mirror we all know the story. Any minority can agree that somehow we are unique we are an inspiration to fashion trends.  I am angry though because my culture is a profit to high dominate brand and ”then there is somebody who says bantu knots are not neat ”

I want to know your point of view, what do you think?


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Runaway Girl: To Paris I fly


Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and welcome to another year in March. Let me begin with “ah” “wow” okay it’s been a while since I posted on my playground and you readers out, I love you as much as I love food. I am back and I guess I will be here forever. Last time I blogged I was depressed with the change of time and began posting illustrations but I was going through a changing phase whereby I was trying to get my blog to hit one of my 2016  “New Years Resolution” goal but …



You know how they say don’t quit and that dreams do come true?  well, I didn’t.. I kept going with this madness until I found an answer .. We are full of so many resources around us but it seems as if we ignore them. You know how you want to start a YouTube channel but you keep stopping yourself from doing so?  Well, don’t-WASTE-SO-MUCH-MONEY. Just do it! You have a phone with a camera and all you need is an editing software which is quite easy to get.


Unicorn Lover

Yeah, well I have decided to take that rough road and be laughed out and create an online magazine. If you ask me Sqlushee magazine is a cool name ..when I began I was really excited and tested this out by doing one of my project “feminism”. The idea was to go around ask people’s opinion and draft an entry but it seemed as if I was really annoying or fake. In total after sending about twenty messages to different profiles on Instagram, I got two reply’s which was good I mean I am starting it’s not like everyone will open a door to a stranger but it was good. What encourage me so much is that how I got to do illustrations was a journey. It took more than a boring art class to do so just and yes, I have been told I can’t draw so many times but that negative opinion lead  me to work hard and achieve my goal to be an underground visual artist. Well guess what?


If you are every feeling down and feel like pulling out well remember these words, “Sweat is the greatest gift in life !” I can’t reveal all of Sqlushee but I will try my best to give updates to all of you.This is the beginning of Runaway Girl a journey to be an influential editor!



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3 hairstyles for short/medium hair

Hair type: 4C

Products: Black magic Coconut oil

“Hair conditioner”

                   Olive Oil

Creamy Aloe Shampoo

Replenishing Conditioner

Photo on 11-24-13 at 5.41 PM

(wet hair- currently I relaxed it!)


( dry hair- currently I relaxed it)

Hey unicorns it is graysbygrace your very own rainbow and today I want to share three hairstyles that will slay your day for short/ medium hair.


Usually I leave my hair out because I want it to rest from those horrible days of braids but that was a bad idea from the beginning. I would warn you not to do that at all. My hair has emotions and when it sees that I am doing that it starts to break off. So if you go to the same school as I, you would notice that it is shorter than ever. Well, that is because it is rainy and I don’t get time to put it into my “wifi hairstyle”.

#1 consist of three phases.

Dip it into water, applying the products, braid it  and allow it to slay:

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 1.49.02 AM

(signature hairstyle: “WIFI hairstyle”)

or I take it from it’s braids and allow it to curl :

Photo on 2-19-15 at 11.02 PM #2

or I comb it and allow it to blow

Photo on 2-20-15 at 2.26 PM

worn: At home + school

# 2  One thing I hate about my hair is that it has its “periods”  whereby it says “nah, Grays I don’t feel you.” So I make this  simple hairstyle which just gives out this updo.

Photo on 11-9-15 at 3.22 PM

worn: At home + school

#3 Going crazy is something I love to do and some hairstyles really express my day. This was pretty much expressed, ” I don’t have homework so I am free”.

Photo on 10-8-13 at 4.03 PM #2

worn: At home + school

which was worn the best?


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Nivea beauty product
$2.89 – nivea.de

Vegan makeup
$70 – zoeva-shop.de

Mac cosmetic

Maybelline eyeliner
$10 – boots.ie

$12 – superdrug.com

Lips makeup

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xxx My clipboard xxx

My clipboard

Rose decal

“There is no way that I am going to ignore this!”, saying after reading an article on yahoo. Now you might ask, you read yahoo? Yes I read Yahoo and NO thats not the only source I use. I am crazy when it comes to searching an answer and finding out if it is true or not. Seriously, I can sit on the computer for 4 hours reading different blogs, online magazines,browsing images,online t.v and watching out for competitions because thats the funniest thing about my life. Now, I thank yahoo for the great updates especially when I am sitting in class listening to the teacher speaking, with my computer open (borrrrrring days). Hey Genieo, your awesome too, I love looking again at the websites that I mostly view and which are always at the top left corner of my computer screen (Perfect day). I don’t let go of things that I find out which I ask questions about. I make sure I list them on my “omg don’t forget!” list.
 I never told you what my topic is about but I a gave you simple images (clue? maybe? maybe not?). I am talking about “the no makeup trend” on fashion week which happened in paris. Now I have seen it sweep away because of the “special models” (winking)  appearing on the runway. Day after day, non stop talk on their trends but this one really had me to ask, “why? why? is it so amazing?”(I don’t know how long has it been in the industry but sure never have I seen it on the streets..time to play some makeup games) I guess Karl Lagerfeld answered me, with one of his best quotes after looking for them to place in my art journal(I want to cry).“I don’t like standard beauty there is no beauty without strangeness,” – Karl Lagerfeld …So whats the plan? Here I am sitting around watching “Sin City A dame to kill for ” over and over for my art journal. I Can’t come up with any heels to sketch or ideas with all this going on  in my head (Homework, Art, Art, NO, NO, essay,blog,heels,topics,idea,NO,NO). I guess sandals with socks and biker boats are taking over (It’s crazy).  How many people in my school have I seen with biker boats?..To tell you the truth I was so planning to wear them before but I laughed out because they were hilarious the first time I saw them until I began to sketch heels. Oh my, I forgot to mention of the pump ankle boats (they have various names, shapes) which is also … I got nothing to say! But Who makes boats with heels that high (they are not high but..) and talk about the converse! who does that?…. It’s amazing and beautiful. The sad thing is, here I was hunting down  the pair of shoes and at last people slowly started wearing them ( I want to wake up now). By now you might guess that I love wearing trends before anybody does!! I also find people who always seem to ask “Where did you buy this?”, “How did you get this?”, copy cats. I mean buying something that another person has with the exceptions of not wearing differently brings out a not “you”. Now, I am not saying,” hey there is a cool jacket that my friend wore or I saw a pair of  funky online shoes”, don’t buy it. No, but it is changing it  and making it ” you” that matters. Most things don’t always seem to apply/ look good on certain people which is strange because we attempt to wear them anyways and sometimes we over do it (Lets change it baby).  By Creating a style  that will inspire someone especially when they ask “where did  you buy this?” makes you look cooler and “you”.  Style can actually tell a persons personality and if you want to know more about a person look at what they wear. I feel the next time, “the next time” in my school when there is a dress down day, it is the no makeup trend.
Mark my words!!! What do you think about the New trend that showed up during the Paris fashion week?

Greetings Vin†age U†opia Girl

“sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants”- Karl Lagerfeld
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