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My Art Experience

Sometimes I feel like I am an actor onstage and I have an audience. Which is true because when I think about it I would draw something , know my mistake but my audience will never know. I remember being on stage and my teachers will always say,” you know the script but not the audience. So do not make your mistake obvious. ” What is up sweet unicorns it is your rainbow graysbygrace and welcome to another Artsy blogpost. I hope you are all drawing, painting and growing. This blog post is a long awaited one because I went once on Instagram and asked what I should write about and this is what was requested. So, I gathered some questions that may be related to my art experience and I hope you all enjoy it. I would also like for you to show your opinions let us speak in the comments.

Do you have Art block?

So far NO, I have a small journal that I write ideas down even though they are not possible due to my skill or niche. Sometimes later on I come up with ideas on how to tackle these impossible ideas but I feel if you get art block what you can do is stay away from doing art for while and do something new such as going to art galleries, explore Pinterest or do activities that are not art related such as doing volunteer work. It is mostly in these situations that inspiration occurs. However I can not deny sometimes I have so many ideas that I can’t choose which one is perfect because I feel none are great or amazing. Do you think I am judging my art way too much?


What is your art style? Do you have an art style?  I don’t really have time to figure out my art style but I can’t deny I think about it when somebody mentions it but also forget about it. However I have seen a lot of artist that stress on art style for identification and I feel you don’t have to be limited by something that other people are doing. I know I use greyscale a lot but that is not really my art style because I am always exploring. If you have not seen my work I do 3d low poly environments and mix it with digital painting. This is not my art style but just something I think about and do. I am sure I will not stick to this because as I improve my skills will advance.

Some struggles I have ?

I still can’t digital paint and draw hair even though I watch so many tutorials.  May I also add coloring digitally clothes though I have been doing illustration for long period of time. Lastly is also drawing hands which I believe a lot of artist I met struggle but I shall get there. To my beginner artist continue practicing because that will allow you to improve. People that always check out my work say to me ”I can’t draw” but if you think about I could not draw till I learned and practiced so don’t underestimate your skills. You never know it maybe a hobbie and I enjoy what I do because it allows me to relax from the stressful Universality Life as well as enter fantasy worlds.

My first ever mixture of 3d and digital painting!
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Mood board 2019(April)

Character Moodboard

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Vision Board 20K19

Whats up sassytaco it is me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Today we will be speaking about vision boards.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board allows an individual to visualize their ideas, themes and goals. I have a vision board which acts like a mind-map and it helps me visualize art ideas and areas I need to study further. In art school I was introduced with creating a mind map as well as this helped me find inspirational on what I want to do in art. My mind map has evolved and I have a you-tube video that show it here :

Currently I have film in the center and branches which spread out showing voice acting, screen writing, distribution, director, light and sound. I continuously add to it and at the end of the day I have an ”Inspirational board”.

The vision board 20k19

I would love to know if you have a vision board?

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2018 Round up!

Whats up sassy taco it is me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and welcome to another adventure. So far I have been doing digital painting for about 2 years{I think}. Now, I have decided to move forward and learn Animation. I am not the type of person who would stick to one thing for long period of time look at when I started my blog. It first started as a fashion blog then a fashion illustration blog after that an illustration blog and now an Art blog because I am so diverse. Same goes into my art from traditional art to digital art.
Now from digital art to Animation. Imma speak this through existence because anything is possible with handwork and skills. There was a period of time I posted an image I drew and I asked people what they thought. This person decided to tell another person that commented to tell the truth because she said it was okay. I know it was pretty bad and encourage me to learn how to draw faces as realistic as possible but I have realized art does not need some hyper realism for it to be good art. That is why we ask ourselves why our art is not getting as much attention as somebody who draws square, rectangle as characters. Thinking about it I really limited myself from experimenting and trying new mediums just because of one negative comment. As well as it started to get boring. With that said Art needs a story, some reality towards life and uniqueness. Uniqueness (repeat that twice).


That brings me to the next topic which is finding my style.
Some people hate this because of how extreme it is. I have been told
not to concentrate on it too much because I won’t find it. Plus I am not
that type of person to stay at one place. I am still exploring because I am beginning to appreciate my art and finding I love it much more as I look back. Sometimes I do look back at my line art and I am “like” wow that was amazing. I also realized that I want to be queer and want to create characters that are relatable,unique and worth sitting down for hours. One of my New Year resolution is to grow my audience and be able to spread my art across the world especially in Namibia. I love acting and being on stage. Given a platform to share my work, thoughts and words is something
that I am grateful for EVERYDAY.

What 2018 has taught me

It has taught me to be grateful for the things that surround me and to stop majoring in minor activities. It has taught me time management
and how to improve my skills as a student and as an artist.There are going to be mistakes and they are not meant to be barriers but motivations.
As well as I worked on myself by reading my goals in the morning and night. Listened to audios and journal after a long day at school. Through this I learned the only way I can grow my audience is by attracting people into my world. Well, I took off now when blog again soon and I would love to know what are some things that 2018 has taught you?

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Whats up sassytaco it’s me graysbygrace and well, I am back with another blog post and I hope you guys are doing fine. Comment down below How is your day? What have you done today? How is November treating you? I have decided to speak about what movies that I have watched that are not bad but there are movies that I would not watch.. again ..maybe.

I love me some Tyler Perry movies but this one, I did not get . Probably it is because I am not quite into romance but I mean there were some psychological concepts..I still didn’t get it. I made it till the end and I just felt lost. NO.NO 1 star out of 7.

This movie was being hyped and I was warned by fellow predator fans that it is horrible but I went with an open mind. I was not at all satisfied and I feel every time the predator is always coming on earth showing off his invisible skill. When is there going to be change and all they left with the audience is a new kind of predator…2 stars our of 6

It was first toys,dolls and now clowns. This movie was hyped to the point that I aimed to watch it but I came out thinking what I was thinking. First of all this maybe out of topic but ”THE NUN” was not scary and ”IT” was not. 2 out of 6 .

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Exams have ended and I am drained


Yes, I am back with another blog post and I am quite excited to be sitting down and typing. I hope you are all having a wonderful day today and you should be because life should not be wasted with an unhappy face. As exams were happening I was thinking about what is the next step with my blog and where do I see it in the future because I want it to be different from my youtube and Ello account as well as Instagram. During that period I also joined BLOGTOBER which ended up as a flop because I just could not keep up with it. But now I am on a lonng break which will soon be cut because I will be traveling( Not that big).


After the exams there was a wedding ( My uncle got married) which actually ruined my sleeping hours and now I am waking up 10:00am everyday which I changed a while back  because I felt I just wasted alot of time. Now it is BACK! Hopefully I can change my sleeping hours because goshh this can not be like this for long. I am mentally, emotional and physically happy but nothing on the updates of  health.


I have seen I am improving but I still feel I am not that confident at putting my artwork out there. I feel this is normal for any artist especially when you are surrounded with criticism. I have listened to a lot of people tell me do this but I just can’t. I am taking a few steps by entering exhibition competitions which can be found on the Ello website. By the way, I have decided to make my Ello page my portfolio because I feel my blog should slowly move away from my art and concentrate on something else. I am doing great! Apart from that I am learning new styles of art which I am happy to do on my blog as comics or just illustrations. As you can see above I have tried one. I just feel I have been stuck in the bubble with realism and I am tired so I am taking a new approach. Here is a video below in which I attempt to do this cartoon challenge.

As for my Instagram account I decided to make it my zine or mini zine which I will update everyday! I always wanted to create a zine and I had a long thought on what I should do with my Instgram account. I wanted to delete it at first because it is soo boring just getting tired of the luxury feeds and becoming jealous of other peoples success. Hopefully I get a phone soon so that I can control what I want to see on my feeds because I just miss my artsy friends feeds.

I would love to know how you are doing? What you have been up to? Where are you from? How is the weather where you are?


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Somebody to speak to . SASSYTACO CHAT!

If you are feeling down today and need somebody to talk..you can always look towards the internet and find somebody. I don’t want my blog to be just a platform whereby I write to you guys but also a place for everybody to meet and discuss their day.  So if you need anybody to speak to and communicate with or just have a chat I am here for you. You can send me an email gracenande@ymail.com. I am here to listen and to advice. They say it is better to speak to a stranger that does not know you than somebody that knows you. I want you to know your going to have a great day and I hope to see you. *I am so bad with blogtober*

This blog post was inspired by :

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