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2015 – 2016

Aisle Style 

Order Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses 2015 among the Latest Maid of Honor Apparel

😍  I was so entertained by the run aways that took place during September because one, it was the first time that I was updated  and two ,I couldn’t wait to watch the first live show of Tom Ford’s collection (London Fashion Runaway). Another reason was to be  inspired and be jealous for one day of the designers success!!I had to stop watching them live  after school started when things started to get intense which was sad. But I followed many bloggers and having their updates was enough for the day.  recently I have been writing thoughts on Karl Lagerfeld and other designers works,on the way that they present colors on an outfit, placing it together with another outfit  ( make this wonderful unique outfit). Questions like  “hum, I want to wear that or well everybody has it now so why should I wear it? or should I wear or not?” always seem to approach you. Which is basically good because this makes you wiser as to which clothes better expresses you. Searching for style was one ideal aim that I was trying achieve because in my case I am always looking at trends all the time and trying to copy what others wear. As I became more interested in fashion/style I didn’t really recognize what type of style I was, even if I thought I knew what type of style I was. Today I know my style is  hipster vintage ….…… But I would say go out there and search if you still don’t know!

Oki, let me start off by saying I can’t really say who was my favorite designer during the New york fashion week since I was only able to watch most that were rebroadcast  and broadcasted at that time I was finished with my homework. But one that I thought caught almost most websites was the real housewife on the runway which is Betsey Johnson ready to wear fall collection, I  have to say that was so inspirational!(“My theme was all about Love and marriage!”,tweeted by Betsey Johnson) I would agree to that Betsey Johnson!

(grooving to the music) Time to move to London where I go 90‘s and annoy people with the bag I saw during this collection. I  was waiting all night for the show to begin and didn’t really know whose collection started hence it is the first time that I am watching fashion shows live but  I loved that 90‘s style anyways.  Some comments? still thinking…I got nothing to say.

Now it’s time to rest and travel to Milan!!  Entertained by Fendi spring/summer 2015 in Milan with Cara Delevingne and Moschino spring/summer 2015 fashion show! Loved it and I can say life cannot get better! The outfits that were presented just made you say, “omg what! why? No…..” or ” I so got to wear that in the future!” I really liked this bag that was presented and I am sure there is a chance I might find a similar bag.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 6.57.42 PM

 I read that there was an Open Russian fashion ( never watched it!) but this is so motivating because Italy and Russia fashion community wanted to strengthen ties! I am not resting yet because I still need to go to Paris and Las Vegas but I guess you are not really going to get an update on that because ….. homework+ not have time= success. That shouldn’t stop you from running on to fashionweekonline.com which is basically the best friendly website that I have ever entered. Don’t leave yet check out my other blogs because you just got to learn more about me and what makes me love fashion?

Highlights : Watched at Fashionweekonline.com

Betsy Johnson fall 2014 Ready to wear Fashion Show
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.42.21 PM             Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.42.56 PM

Cara Delevingne -Fendi spring/summer 2015 in Milan

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.46.55 PM

Mk Swimwear fashion show

Yes, finally something from my hometown which I am proud to share. I once believed that nothing is possible. You must be crazy to go out to the world and think your super women. But Meriam Kaxuxena changed my mind and said, “In order to get to the big leagues you have to start off small”. Yes, this messages shows a committed DIVA who is proud of her work! Yes, this was during my process of starting out a blog which I didn’t of-course know how to do. I remember looking and spotting the difference on Kayture -Kristina Bazan and seeing some do’s and dont.

CM2d9IoWoAEpd8r(kodemag- found on twitter)

I .was. stuck. there .and I .was. in. progress. I got an idea and thought it was stupid. Call me stupid cause thats what I was..But did I give up .. NO ..I went on!  ..”inspiration of the week”. I got up and told myself maybe you should just risk and a no is just a joke from a clown (Clowns are scary). I encouraged myself and now, I stand out with awesome sets! I am really proud of them and they really express the craziness, unicorn, sassy taco, Bananasco! You might not know what I am talking about so .. : bananascotv


(CL- Polyvore set) 

But enough about that, let me get started with the Mk Swimwear fashion show which is happening on 18 September 2015 in Namibia, Windhoek. I am really excited even-though I will not be present while the event is happening but nobody can say,” wait, I can’t write about it! ” Compared to Naomi Campbell, my second idol on my map I would say wow! Naomi Campbell better see her. And if your not following her on Instagram I would say she is the when I say the, I mean THE number 1 “Namibian Barbies must follow on instagram”. So go ahead and click Meriam kaxuxwenaShe will be presenting some sexy and colorful bikinis. I am going to let that out cause I needed to say that!


“We have something in common we started Modeling at the same age and we are natural born Models / Naomi is known as World SuperModel an Meriam is Known as Africa’s supermodel 2015 winner. For us Modelling is a Job,business and a career / I’m in my 20s and never will quit as long as I’m healthy / Naomi is in her 40s and still a model why??? Because she’s a natural born model / we can all model our whole life / there is nothing like Modelling is a short career only those that love Modelling will be in the industry for long.”, writes Meriam Kaxuxwena on Facebook. That message goes out to all Models out there! Greatly, this does make sense since I feel inspired to write this! Growing up I have been compared to Tyra Banks and I always believed that I was the “Tyra Banks” . I once told my family members and they kindly reacted  with “ah”, “oh”, SISTERS! Yes, I did compete in my first ever “Miss” and yes, I did FAIL! I wasn’t at all happy but you know what I knew that I didn’t want to become a model at all after that embarrassing moment ( I was too shy and not confident! ) .  I think I had a second trial and yes, again I embarrassed myself! After that, I never wanted to enter the competitive world again but ha, look at what I found in my history. who is this Grays? where has she came from?

SAM_7016 (performance with Celita ) #success #fun

SAM_6808 (CUTE Awards, I felt like it) #success #memory

SAM_6499 (Drama production) #success #failure #HSM #me



Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.13.09 PM (talent shows) #sia  #success #learningsomethingnew #fun

145249323 ( talent show) #sia #success #contemporaryday1 #fun

SAM_3447 ( first ever stage performance) #fairytale #life

SAM_3446 SAM_3455




Mk Swimwear fashion show


(MK Magazine)


Yes, Bikini fashion! YEs, summer! YES your looking at it!

” MK Swimwear Fashion Show 18th September in WHK
MK Birthday Bikini Party 30th October in WHK
MK Lingerie Fashion show 13th November in WHK
MK stands for Meriam Kaxuxwena”

(Written on Facebook)

If your still wondering why you should go watch the show, I mean hallo. It’s Meriam Kaxuxwena, nice and bold! It’s a bikini sexy show and let me say you don’t want to miss it!


So, who are your idols? What experience do you have with modeling? Some failures? What shows have you been? Bikini or full suit? sexy or nah? sassy taco or Bananasco? I want to hear my audience!

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  1. You’re Namibian and you love Nasty Gal? HELLO, BESTFRIEND!


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