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Today’s Artist

While watching YouTube videos I bumped into Ergo Josh’s Video on ”It’s harder to be an artist today’‘ and I felt I need to give my feedback as an artist. Before I start, I want you to take a moment to watch it and when your done you can read my story: I have been drawing for more than three years and only started to get serious in grade 11 because I wanted to learn how to draw portraits and understand proportions( Did it the wrong way but I still learned a lot). I drew illustrations using makeup and color pencils because during that period of time I could not buy paint or afford it however this taught to experiment and enjoy the process of making illustrations. Then, I learned about ”Tumblr outline” which drew me into Digital Painting( turning my sketch or somebody’s picture into a digital painting) and during this period I used adobe draw when suddenly my phone malfunctioned. After days of research and downloading I settled with Medibang paint pro on the laptop. From there I explored 2d Animation and found that I can turn my images into moving pictures. So, I decided to explore in Blender( 3D SOFTWARE) following Blender Guru’s tutorials which helped me understand when I modeling I should think of the object as a 3D basic Shape resulting in being able to create environments. When I got comfortable, I was like… wait-a -minute I can go back into creating Short films so… Here I am. IN ANIMATION!

Adding on, I tell my story because I feel the process is important to me than the final image because it is an experimental stage where I try to figure out how to solve a problem. For example in my current project, I am working on ”lighting” using a method called coloring in greyscale which helps me figure out values (how light or dark something is). While I am doing this, I am searching on youtube and seeing how other artists have dealt with this and they speak about how to use shapes as shadows… the direction of the brush… Large brush…and balance between soft and hard brush…concentrate on the edge and where to place the soft brush..use reference that may help you. This may sound easy as you watch it but if you don’t try I promise you, you will struggle( my case right now).

Furthermore, I feel Ergo Josh is right when he says we do want to reach that potential of somebody else even though this person has taken years of practice and this urge to be somebody else eliminates the reason why we create. Most of the top artists when they started out didn’t have the resources but we have the resources in today’s world but we don’t utilize it efficiently. There is another video where he explains that sometimes you need to really have a break from the internet and just start drawing without posting due to the fact you will find that fire. I feel having an attitude such as ”I want to be like another artist even though I have limited skills” has happened to me during my animation journey because I wanted to CREATE! CREATE! CREATE! not considering I got to learn the fundamentals and be patience. As a result, after watching his video it has inspired me to grow as an artist and create more content on my blog to share resources that I find in this Journey. There will be more post coming and you may also request if you want.

what are some tips you can give other fellow artist …comment down below ..lets chat!

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Finishing my artworks

As an artist I want to be able to finish any artwork that I have started even though I may struggle or not have the techniques that are required to finish it. What is up sassytaco it is your very own rainbow graysbygrace and I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

What inspires your art?

For my current artwork I decided to represent the daily life of a student under too much pressure and stress by making a comic. This comic is part of a collection of comics that I have started last year but were planned to be short animations. Initially, there were suppose to be comics and this year I decided to stick to what I have planned. I hope you may enjoy them and I would like to know how are you doing today?

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Self Critique: 2D and 3D illustration

Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter

Oscar Wilde

I feel one of the most difficult parts of creating art is not having enough knowledge resulting in being stuck or demotivated to continue however I still go on because I remind myself what I want to achieve. What is up sassytaco it is your very own rainbow graysbygrace and happy Monday to you all. Today, I decided to come on here and self-critique for future improvements in illustrations. The illustration that I am critiquing is a 2d and 3d mixture illustration. Similar to this, I feel one thing that I am currently struggling with is having an idea and executing it. For example, though through the illustration I was able to capture a character who loves exploring and reading, I was not able to exaggerate it. Furthermore, I did take in mind of composition by directing the light from the window to the object held in the hands of the girl.


Currently, what is important that I have learned is writing down the characteristic of my character. Which I did: Geeky, explorer , balance, love to read, love animals, patient and shy as well as the object had to have ants. Than, I should draw various poses of her keeping in mind it isn’t about the physical appearance but the psychological appearance( Which I did not and still don’t because I feel it takes up a lot of time). Another tip that I have learned is to not draw the character once because you might not be able to capture the characteristic’s of the character( I only drew her once ..big problem). Furthermore, the autonomy especially with the hands ..I got to improve those hands. Therefore, if we concentrate on the bigger picture I feel the illustration could have been further exaggerated by showing that she loves nature. This can be done by drawing in plants and adding more features to the illustration because right now it looks clean as well as the character would have been given a messy hairstyle.

Yes, that is all from my side you may also point out some improvements as well. I will be doing more of these because self-critique grows me as an artist and allows for improvements to occur because I believe I am my own competition.

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Lets start a conversation

How are you doing? How are you mentally? What has been going in your life? Any recent changes that have occurred with you?

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What is up sassy taco it is your very own rainbow graysbygrace and happy Monday to all of you. I hope you are all having a wonderful day because happiness keep on coming. I can’t actually believe that the break is over and I am back to the once place society expects me to be and I am already going through a crisis but you know what being positive is important * share some positive notes for a sister* I made it to third year,next year is my last year of university and I am now working. To be honest I am really grateful for the opportunities that arises and planning to work with what I have. Furthermore, I am planning to do a school update on how my major is doing and what is the next step in my career or what am I going to do with my hobbies? or will I ever sale my work?( a frequently asked question)

I would like to know how is work/ school/ life?

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What am I working on?

Hearing people ask how do I make animations and the process it takes motivates me to continue exploring.

A thought by Grace

What is up sassytaco it is your very own rainbow graysbygrace and I hope you are all having a wonderful day. The month is about to end and may I say it was one of my favorite due to fact it was my Birthday month as well as this month I posted a lot of content that I wanted.I decided every month I want to do a reflection due to the fact it helps with understand what has gone wrong and what is the next step in achieving or finishing a project. I decided to split my topics in various section so here it goes.

These goals where successful because in the month of November 2019 during my last exam I decided I was going to plan out what type of content that I want and how I will spread my brand. I made a conclusion that I was going to post all these content in January but I believe I over-estimated the amount of projects that I wanted to complete. I didn’t want to repeat the same mistake from 2019 so as 2020 came I decided I was going to come up with a solution. I can’t deny that is how I learned about patience in the animation world, You got to take it a step by step and not I went with it. One thing for sure I was rushing into Animation because I wanted to create short films as that is my interest however I grew slowly and didn’t obtain enough information that will allow me to grow as a storyteller. Than, that is how I decided to create my creative space a series that will showcase my journey into the animation world and exploration. It will showcase my failures as well as progress.

Overall, Animation is interesting and I don’t plan on giving up because the more I watch series and movies the more I am motivated to create some of my own. This year I decided to work on animations one by one and explore instead of publishing every week or rushing. This has really worked out because I found myself working on my current animation for a month and improving or understanding frame by frame.

Sadly , there is a project that I failed at doing which is yet to be explored which is project x. It has nothing to do with animation but a requested project that I failed and can’t seem to understand. I had to create a tampon and it had to be turned into an earring. What made this project fail is that I could not find the materials needed but a friend did the same earrings which she gave me as a gift and I felt inspired when I was going to china to make earrings for my friend so that they can have something that they remember me for. Now, I wanted this to work because I wanted to create pins …now that I am thinking about it, maybe this was a wrong turn kind of . Sometimes you just got to rest and later on you might just come up with better ideas. So, project X we shall not let you go…

Hey, guys I want to know what are some of your failures and success for this Month?

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Most Embarrassing Moment

What is up sassy taco it is your rainbow graysbygrace and I hope you are having a wonderful day as well as Happy Monday! Today I have come back with yet another blogpost entry speaking about my most embarrassing moment. I feel the most embarassing moment that has occured to me happened last year in 2019 because 2020 has just began and I am yet to be entertained.I remember it as if it was just like yesterday and I never mentioned it on my blog because I felt it was not really important.

So, last year around my second semester of UNI I decided to apply for the Bpsyc program that is offered in second year of second semester by the psychology department. Apparently it was one good choice to get started with clinical psychology however the chances to enter is quite slim but you know I am a risk taker. * Entered Animation without knowledge* So, I did everything that was required : the form, wrote a whole essay explaining what I intend to do in the B-psych program ( which from this day I am so proud of because I just connected the dots on how psychology plays a role in Film which is my interest) as well as payed 80 Namibian dollars for my academic record to be stamped.

So… I got selected as a candidate for the interview and during the interview, I wrote another ESSAY explaining on what is a huge issue in Namibia and how do I intend to fix it? ( I think that is how it went) but this part isn’t where it got heated but the interview whereby I had to sit infront of lectures from the Psychology department and they had to ask me questions. I was nervous, hungry and anxious. Overall, so far from alll the interviews that I had done (only deux psychology and Architecture) I may say my architecture interview was much better than the Psychology because man the psychology questions were so complex because they required a lot of thinking. They aren’t difficult but they are questions you would not ask yourself and if your not a goal oriented individual, don’t know where your going in life as well as Psychology isn’t for you then you won’t be able to answer them.

One thing for sure as people came out of the interview they kept saying don’t lie, think about it and be yourself. Now guess what? I lied, was nervous so I could not think at all and yep I laughed, was laughed at and didn’t get in. Now, I need to face some of these lectures this year… Yep.. ME. #Embarassment

I would like to know what is the most embarrassing moment that has happened to you?

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Yearly round up

I feel this year was the year of exploration and I have learned alot but yet need to work further more to improve. To begin with the first improvement is Animation. At the end of 2018 I made a goal to learn animation specifically 3d however not all goals are an easy adventure. There was alot to learn, understand and explore. It was through this exploration I made a decision to do low poly environments in Blender and keep drawing tradtionaly whereby these sketches are transferred in Medibang to digital paint.

With concerns to my choice, it was a long process to understand and adapt to. Honestly, I felt I was rushing into animation and began to crush when I did my creative process. I could say I have not learned anything but that would be a lie because firstly I started being comfortable using Blender to Make 3D model and digital paint on top of that to create a scene. Furthermore, though my current animations are fails it was better than not trying.

Secondly, I learned through the rushing process that if I slow it down abit I will begin to learn however this really hit my YouTube channel because that is where I post my animations.

Similar to this, shall I add on that I finally figured out and decided to create content on my blog that is me and at end of the day I would love. What I mean by this is, I always wanted to create content whereby I have control on how they will look that is why I decided to use themes on my blog. Not only this but do you remeber when I wanted to balance the content between youtube and my blog ? Well, that is fixed now due to the fact that I started using these themes and it helped me be more consistent.

Enough with my art life allow me to speak about school life . What a hidious scary Adventure! From learning to cope with Engligh to hating Organizational Psychology to learning to cope with it and ending up passing it. I am proud to say I entering third year of Univeristy!

Shall I add on to the fact that I started a series on my youtube channel whereby I stricly speak chinese and this will help me improve my speaking skills. Another habit that I quietly began doing is learning korean and continue studying French. I am still thinking about using all the languages on my channel so that I can see my progress. I want to look back at these videos and be like “that was me wow, I have really improved”.

Wait a minute, I feel I forgot about something… Oh yes… My time in beijing! That was the greatest break that has happened to me ever!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and I would like to know what is your yearly round up or what is one thing that you have enjoyed in 2019?

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I am grateful for every opportunity given to me this year and every goal I have accomplished.

Happy blogmas nope, that ain’t sis but we consistent now. However this blogpost is not about that but about Christmas. Christmas is so close by and I want to write a wishlist for those people who are thinking of gifting me something something.

1.Huawei Mediapad 5

Right now I have Huawei Mediapad T3 7 with only 8 GB of data but this is the reason why I want a new tablet. I want a tablet that meets my needs and specifications. Space is one of those specifications and ability to carry out task such as note taking using one note as well as digital paint.

2. Keyboard and stylus

This year I have seen the magic of having a tablet that allows me to call, take notes, pictures and make wonderful youtube videos. I want a keyboard and stylus specifically for taking notes because it was easy typing my notes, sync them to one note and having them on my tablet. However, I want to be able to type my notes directly from my tablet and not my computer.


Since I have began 汉语with 何丝南 and came up with many ideas that require me to be actively speaking I would love to have a microphone. Shall I add on the fact that I also produce animations and this requires me to voice record. This is a short term goal right now but will not be a obstacle for me to slow down my video production.

I would like to know what is on your wishlist?

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