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Chapter 1: Mandarin

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Productive day in My life

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just something I did!
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Things that make me happy

Sometimes we all have those downs whereby demotivate occurs or just questioning our existence. I have decided this Friday I really want to practice gratitude because I feel it just allows you to relax and understand yourself.

  1. Sharing my hobbies and finding people that I have the same interest
  2. Self development whereby I work to understand myself and appreciate myself
  3. Taking Risk and loving the result at the end
  4. Loving my self and being self
  5. Knowledge and information that is shared with me
  6. The early morning sun and adventure that awaits me after that
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Second Year University Life

我是纳米比亚大学二年极日学习。translate: I go to University of Namibia and I am a second year.

what is up sassy taco it is your very own rainbow graysbygrace and How are we all doing?Today I want to sit down and speak about my journey into university as a second year trying to Major in Psychology.

It has been great so far and I am really positive but I am really struggling with sleeping earlier. I sleep around 12:00am because I get distracted quite easily for example when I am studying for Mandarin I  remember that I need to sketch  or when I am sketching I remember I have to plan my YOUTUBE video. That is not the only thing but also having to balance my art life with school. This is actually working out great this semester because I have enough empty gabs within my timetable but I am still struggling. Hopefully soon I can fix this and become a better organizer.

Lastly lets speak about” Organization Psychology” which gave me a headache last year. I have passed it and I am not repeating it next year so I am happy with that. It  also opened up my eyes to say  if I am going to major for one thing it is going to be clinical Psychology.   I am really happy to start this semester and manifesting positive energy.

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TraVel DiarY: Beijing Love!

Last day in Beijing Diary entry:

If you go in a restaurant you will be given chopsticks, if you are moving anywhere you will need to speak Mandarin and need to read Chinese characters. It is part of the fun of learning Mandarin! Further more, as I am learning a new language I feel languages are really important to learn because not only do you learn about another persons culture but also you become open minded. My goal is to learn French, Chinese, Arabic and Hindi. My travel goals is to visit Morocco, Ethiopia, Dubai, France, Milan, London, Maldives and Japan.

-A Namibian Student learning Mandarin and French!

The following are Photos that I have taken in Beijing:


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What’s up sassy taco it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and this is something new on my blog but I am back with yet another blogpost for you guys. I hope you are all doing fine because I am living my best life and going beyond borders. I know it has been a while since I have realised my thoughts but I just wrote exams and was preparing to go to China. I am really happy to be here again because I get to experience new scenery and learn further about Chinese culture. Since my stay here, culture in China is quite something that stands out and there is a lot to learn about it. I am not really sure what I am going to post but I will be creative and speak about things that stand out more to me as well as I do not want to post too much because that will reveal my YouTube Vlog that I plan on doing.


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Blogtober 1: Dear Future Me


If your reading this you are one of kind. You are strong,brave and somebody who does not give up.  I am so proud that you have gone so far with your dreams. It was practice that has taken you really far. I hope you have realized that if you major in minor things it will not take you anywhere and it is better not to preoccupy yourself with a lot of goals because honey stress! Have you seen yourself? Well, I bet you having fun and grinding. YOU ARE HUNGRY! HUNGRY TO SUCCEED! HUNGRY!



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Mood board inspiration

Okay, What is this about now?

Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow. I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying this wonderful Monday. Yes, something new kicked out and I am excited about this. Lately, I have been addicted to YouTube and found two different individuals that inspired me to do this specific ..may I say project. They are Noor (Noor’s place blog) and Areeba (Not your type blog). Yes I am really shook right now because I have been suffering from finding out how I should combine Fantasy, poetry and fashion together. The struggle is real. Okay, Noor and Areeba are twin Pakistan sisters who use their journals to make a mix of poetry and art.  I found on both of their blogs a mood board and I was like well that would be awesome to do plus in future I feel I will do the same thing because my fashion section would be kind of boring (Check out their fashion section).

The inspired mood boards

I gathered 3 old pictures that would work well for this project  and decided to make mood boards.


This brings a Gothic yet fancy style.


This is so tumblr and yet calm.


This tells about a lover awaiting her crush but he never shows the same feelings.

Okay I want to know what you think this leave a comment below.


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