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Chapter 1: Mandarin

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Productive day in My life

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just something I did!
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Character design

I decided to go in one of my favorite software medibangpaint pro to create a character that is inspired by VSCO girl Aesthetic..

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Blender 2.8 and Life

What is up sassy taco it is me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and welcome to another positive update blog post. Period. Point. Blank. I just wanted to come out of my shell of school and speak to you all because I feel it is has been awhile. Just came from a two week break and I used it wisely but a series of events really hit me hard. Firstly, blender just released 2.8 which you can check out from my video below:

Secondly, I joined a competition and took two weeks to work on it but unforently gave up two days from the due date of the character design. Yes, this was an opportunity but I gave up and I have a reason..I just gave up and I felt so much pressure and stress and stress and stress. I don’t regret it but I do regret spending 24 Namibian dollars on printing the forms to fill in so I can join the competition. The reason why I joined this competition is because I have always wanted to see my characters on the T.V. and since they were looking for illustrators, artist to create characters I felt it was a great opportunity. Now, the problem came whereby they were giving away 30000 Namibian dollars ..ahhhhhhhhhh what I can do with that money and I felt that is what brought me to end my aim into creating a character for money. I guess the money played a role as an extrinsic reward because I love doing Art and if you start paying me the energy that I have when you did not pay me will not be the same after you start paying me. I would love to hear your thought on this : To what extent does extrinsic reward have an effect to hobbies?

Thirdly, It is back to school and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what ? I am… life I have and I CAN’T COMPLAIN CAUSE THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING THROUGH A LOT MORE but I am fine.
Hey, have you heard on what is happening to our earth ? Increase in temperature?? I am working on a video and really need good ideas on it any ideas would really help? (problems that our earth is facing)

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Things that make me happy

Sometimes we all have those downs whereby demotivate occurs or just questioning our existence. I have decided this Friday I really want to practice gratitude because I feel it just allows you to relax and understand yourself.

  1. Sharing my hobbies and finding people that I have the same interest
  2. Self development whereby I work to understand myself and appreciate myself
  3. Taking Risk and loving the result at the end
  4. Loving my self and being self
  5. Knowledge and information that is shared with me
  6. The early morning sun and adventure that awaits me after that
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My Art Experience

Sometimes I feel like I am an actor onstage and I have an audience. Which is true because when I think about it I would draw something , know my mistake but my audience will never know. I remember being on stage and my teachers will always say,” you know the script but not the audience. So do not make your mistake obvious. ” What is up sweet unicorns it is your rainbow graysbygrace and welcome to another Artsy blogpost. I hope you are all drawing, painting and growing. This blog post is a long awaited one because I went once on Instagram and asked what I should write about and this is what was requested. So, I gathered some questions that may be related to my art experience and I hope you all enjoy it. I would also like for you to show your opinions let us speak in the comments.

Do you have Art block?

So far NO, I have a small journal that I write ideas down even though they are not possible due to my skill or niche. Sometimes later on I come up with ideas on how to tackle these impossible ideas but I feel if you get art block what you can do is stay away from doing art for while and do something new such as going to art galleries, explore Pinterest or do activities that are not art related such as doing volunteer work. It is mostly in these situations that inspiration occurs. However I can not deny sometimes I have so many ideas that I can’t choose which one is perfect because I feel none are great or amazing. Do you think I am judging my art way too much?


What is your art style? Do you have an art style?  I don’t really have time to figure out my art style but I can’t deny I think about it when somebody mentions it but also forget about it. However I have seen a lot of artist that stress on art style for identification and I feel you don’t have to be limited by something that other people are doing. I know I use greyscale a lot but that is not really my art style because I am always exploring. If you have not seen my work I do 3d low poly environments and mix it with digital painting. This is not my art style but just something I think about and do. I am sure I will not stick to this because as I improve my skills will advance.

Some struggles I have ?

I still can’t digital paint and draw hair even though I watch so many tutorials.  May I also add coloring digitally clothes though I have been doing illustration for long period of time. Lastly is also drawing hands which I believe a lot of artist I met struggle but I shall get there. To my beginner artist continue practicing because that will allow you to improve. People that always check out my work say to me ”I can’t draw” but if you think about I could not draw till I learned and practiced so don’t underestimate your skills. You never know it maybe a hobbie and I enjoy what I do because it allows me to relax from the stressful Universality Life as well as enter fantasy worlds.

My first ever mixture of 3d and digital painting!
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Second Year University Life

我是纳米比亚大学二年极日学习。translate: I go to University of Namibia and I am a second year.

what is up sassy taco it is your very own rainbow graysbygrace and How are we all doing?Today I want to sit down and speak about my journey into university as a second year trying to Major in Psychology.

It has been great so far and I am really positive but I am really struggling with sleeping earlier. I sleep around 12:00am because I get distracted quite easily for example when I am studying for Mandarin I  remember that I need to sketch  or when I am sketching I remember I have to plan my YOUTUBE video. That is not the only thing but also having to balance my art life with school. This is actually working out great this semester because I have enough empty gabs within my timetable but I am still struggling. Hopefully soon I can fix this and become a better organizer.

Lastly lets speak about” Organization Psychology” which gave me a headache last year. I have passed it and I am not repeating it next year so I am happy with that. It  also opened up my eyes to say  if I am going to major for one thing it is going to be clinical Psychology.   I am really happy to start this semester and manifesting positive energy.

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