Tales are widely told from child to child creating open doors full of wild adventures. The SAM_5138phenomena becomes a legend for generation in a family. A time to fix what is done in the past and build it up for the future. We follow another adventure of sadness, hope and regret. We all know Cinderella, Snow White, Romeo and Juliet but this very tale comes from the lands of Nora under the marsh-room tree that reached the heavens and evergreen grass with jumbled people who sing like muppets on a stage.

Nora land of the leaves

Nora was divided into three kingdoms. The contact page, kingdom of the lost souls  with a high tall castle detailed with pearls and diamonds. The citizens had high hopes with empty doors and the castle was filled only with nothing but ashes and left overs by the unwanted. Than there was the ”Ma vie page”, kingdom of the abandon which was ruled by Queen Alexis of the dids. No one ever entered and if you did, so never did thee return. What was only seen was a forest which made a pathway to ”Art, fashion and food page”. But the kingdoms were divided by ”Zine Mania”, Kingdom of hope ruled by Prince Almid and Princess Jade.  Yes, rested in the center gave it the rich taste of pure wealth. Highly decorated by flowers, well detailed and full of spontaneous adventures. There was peace in the different Kingdoms but as days after the greatest celebration in the main lands rumors has had it that…

You stand up to a bowl of water near a wonderful antique painting of a mouser. The water spins and darkness flashes. 

A voice: “My name is Grace Ndeshi Nande and I am a lifestyle blogger, student, illustrator, and  Youtuber.  Yes, this is my land Nora. Welcome, Move your cursor around to explore my land and remember to stay positive in life always ” 



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