( Entering into a dark drizzle night where a shadow stands)

Stranger :(speaking defensively) who enters ? …Come forward!…..

(coming forward)

Stranger: Oh it’s thy

(bows with a  manner) Good Morrow, mine name is Eryn the fire bird of  Nora .Worry not of me as I hast nev’r been spoken off but mine st’ry begins here . In a close by shallow riv’r near an evergreen rainf’rest with trees reaching the heavens are fruits as large as wat’rmelon, birds as beautiful as towers and a wide sandy region with three brightly col’rful castles. Thats where our  journey begins my friend so follow me.. There is a lot to see and explore but mostly everything to enjoy.. Oh yes, yes, more than what you think..

Voice : Take this moment to drag your mouse around and have fun. It would also be nice if you can leave some comments because comments means a lot of love.

“If you are reading this just know that Graysbygrace is a playground for everyone who is motivated, inspired with different personalities and goals “

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