Runaway Girl Series : Demotivation

The Cure Phase

Demotivate is something I have been experiencing in one of module : Organizational Psychology because of how much effort I put but not enough results are achieved. I understand in life not everything comes on a silver plate you need to work for it with sweat and stress. As well as, failure is a process that one has to go through so that one can learn from it.

Shocking this is a Psychology module and NOT an English module ! Now I understand as I am writing why I should fight because they are only different by name but similar by how I feel about them. They are both easy course, contain a lot of concepts and I love them all. It is just that my mindset should adjust with what I did in English to psychology.

I once went to the sea to set a bird free.

What's up Sassytaco it has been a while since I have posted a blog post on my blog but I have not forgotten my favorite place. WordPress is such a great community filled with inspirational people who are ready to share their stories. That is one thing I am grateful for to meet all of you and read your stories, ideas and likes. I am currently on exams and in the past week I could not post because my internet was not working but I am active on other platform such as Instagram and Twitter. 
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