Runaway Girl Series: University is taking OVER!

It has been a while since I have wrote a university update I guess I have been caught emotional, mentally and physical by it. It has been a busy month and there is a lot  to do and being friends with time management is currently my priority because for some reason we are still acquaintance. On the other hand, for the first and forever I have journals which keep me organize and have a positive mindset when dealing with a problem. For the first and forever I am listening to motivational speakers and actually love Les Brown’s audios.

However, the only problem I have is planning out something and it does not work out because for some reason ”time” decided to forget me and block me. I just hate it! I am really working on not procrastinating because it is effecting me hardcore but I am doing fine so far this semester. I just want to do better and be better! I would like to know what are some obstacles that you are facing?

Graysbygrace the rainbow

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