Workflow Digital Painting

MOTION COMIC ”Snatch it story”


Well, whats up sassytaco it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and I am back with my blogging schedule. It can be difficult to post sometimes when you are student and devoted to study however I try to take breaks and during these break I write topics. I actually bought a book whereby I can write my blog post and scripts/ ideas that I feel should be heard. Today, I decided to show you my workflow when I am creating an illustration or motion comic( same steps). This animation has taken me three months to produce because I didn’t plan out what kind I wanted and with my level I didn’t plan out how long it will take me. These animations that I do are practice so I don’t really expect them to be perfect however I want to learn from my mistakes and understand animation. The current one that I am working on is called ”Snatch it” which is a motion comic and the reason why I choose to do motion comic is because I am in love with reading comics and would really love to produce a lot in the future. I am not going to tell you what it is about but show you the process.


Well, this is not exactly the first step because before you start with this step you need an idea and than after you gain an idea you need to turn this idea into a script. When I am done with the script I start sketching and I released now that I am looking back I really didn’t work on what the characters are wearing but how they look like. So in future I will keep that in mind.

A few sketches I did


When I am done with the sketches I go into blender to build up the backgrounds. The reason why I choose blender is because in the break that I had in December I learned about 3d merged into 2d animation and fell in-love. I really love to keep it low poly so that the rendering is faster and does not take up much of my time.

I am not done here yet there is a part 2 coming so stay subscribe. I want to know what art topics would you like me to cover?

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2 thoughts on “Workflow Digital Painting

  1. kakonged says:

    Very beautiful, Grace. Well done!

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