Broke Artist – The Truth

‘As a broke artist my creativity grows because I look for opportunities and don’t allow myself to be blocked. ”- My thoughts

whats up sassytaco it is me graysbygrace and HAPPY SUNDAY and HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY! It was two days ago but still WOMEN DAY should be celebrated for a whole month. I hope you are all doing fine and I want you to comment down below what you are doing?

I just want to firstly speak about why I really started digital painting and started changing mediums. A straight forward answer would be I- was- broke- to -buy -paint. That is also why I started using makeup as a medium to do illustrations. Therefore, I do not HATE painting but do not have enough money to spend on painting materials( they are expensive !) . However, I do no regret learning digital painting because it allowed me to think about animation. That also leads to another question on why I don”t post short films on YouTube since I love film. To be honest when my camera stopped working I found a new method to allow my ideas, thoughts and dreams to come alive. Yes, that is through animation and I guess learning digital painting lead me to think about how can I let these characters come alive? I am happy to learn animation even though it comes with the expenses of time and patience. Shall we talk about school and art being difficult to balance..IT IS A M*** HEADACHE! yeah. That is the truth.

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