Manifesting Dreams


One, two, three, four..five

Slowly her eyes shut just as the sun sets

And suddenly she hears the sound of a moving car.

Her mother looks back with a salesman smile

“you excited”

Heavily breathing she says, ”yeah”.

Her father says,

      Mountains moving birds singing

       A last breath taken another heart broken.

Unhurriedly he glimpse from the rear view mirror looking at her raven-hued hair.

Sweat runs on her pale skin and builds love on her ruby lips.

Camera-eyes staring outside the woodland swiftly their eyes meet.

                                                                                           [ Dark screen]

Before I speak out my mind, there has not been any blog post but hear me out I am trying to find convenient days to post because I am a 2nd year university student and a mess but I AM BACK!

This is unfinished but it was interesting

This is the season of growth and I have decided this year I want to improve my art. I want it to be

Unique and storytelling. That is why I decided to study animation and create some of my own. I am really happy I have positive people supporting my art and I see a dream approaching . A dream that I never thought that could happen.

The illustration was a practice.

I posted a question on Instagram asking ”Do you have doubts when you create your Art?” my reply is no however when I further thought about it I don’t take as much risk and I overthink when I want to compete in a competition (art). I just feel at the stage I am right now is a beginner and I  have been thinking about this for four years because that is how long I have been doing art. This year is about having a system that would help me reach my goals as an artist. At the end of the day failure should be motivation

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One thought on “Manifesting Dreams

  1. kakonged says:

    This is beautiful Grace! You have a true talent!


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