2018 Round up!

Whats up sassy taco it is me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and welcome to another adventure. So far I have been doing digital painting for about 2 years{I think}. Now, I have decided to move forward and learn Animation. I am not the type of person who would stick to one thing for long period of time look at when I started my blog. It first started as a fashion blog then a fashion illustration blog after that an illustration blog and now an Art blog because I am so diverse. Same goes into my art from traditional art to digital art.
Now from digital art to Animation. Imma speak this through existence because anything is possible with handwork and skills. There was a period of time I posted an image I drew and I asked people what they thought. This person decided to tell another person that commented to tell the truth because she said it was okay. I know it was pretty bad and encourage me to learn how to draw faces as realistic as possible but I have realized art does not need some hyper realism for it to be good art. That is why we ask ourselves why our art is not getting as much attention as somebody who draws square, rectangle as characters. Thinking about it I really limited myself from experimenting and trying new mediums just because of one negative comment. As well as it started to get boring. With that said Art needs a story, some reality towards life and uniqueness. Uniqueness (repeat that twice).


That brings me to the next topic which is finding my style.
Some people hate this because of how extreme it is. I have been told
not to concentrate on it too much because I won’t find it. Plus I am not
that type of person to stay at one place. I am still exploring because I am beginning to appreciate my art and finding I love it much more as I look back. Sometimes I do look back at my line art and I am “like” wow that was amazing. I also realized that I want to be queer and want to create characters that are relatable,unique and worth sitting down for hours. One of my New Year resolution is to grow my audience and be able to spread my art across the world especially in Namibia. I love acting and being on stage. Given a platform to share my work, thoughts and words is something
that I am grateful for EVERYDAY.

What 2018 has taught me

It has taught me to be grateful for the things that surround me and to stop majoring in minor activities. It has taught me time management
and how to improve my skills as a student and as an artist.There are going to be mistakes and they are not meant to be barriers but motivations.
As well as I worked on myself by reading my goals in the morning and night. Listened to audios and journal after a long day at school. Through this I learned the only way I can grow my audience is by attracting people into my world. Well, I took off now when blog again soon and I would love to know what are some things that 2018 has taught you?

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