Whats up sassytaco it’s me graysbygrace and well, I am back with another blog post and I hope you guys are doing fine. Comment down below How is your day? What have you done today? How is November treating you? I have decided to speak about what movies that I have watched that are not bad but there are movies that I would not watch.. again ..maybe.

I love me some Tyler Perry movies but this one, I did not get . Probably it is because I am not quite into romance but I mean there were some psychological concepts..I still didn’t get it. I made it till the end and I just felt lost. NO.NO 1 star out of 7.

This movie was being hyped and I was warned by fellow predator fans that it is horrible but I went with an open mind. I was not at all satisfied and I feel every time the predator is always coming on earth showing off his invisible skill. When is there going to be change and all they left with the audience is a new kind of predator…2 stars our of 6

It was first toys,dolls and now clowns. This movie was hyped to the point that I aimed to watch it but I came out thinking what I was thinking. First of all this maybe out of topic but ”THE NUN” was not scary and ”IT” was not. 2 out of 6 .

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