Exams have ended and I am drained


Yes, I am back with another blog post and I am quite excited to be sitting down and typing. I hope you are all having a wonderful day today and you should be because life should not be wasted with an unhappy face. As exams were happening I was thinking about what is the next step with my blog and where do I see it in the future because I want it to be different from my youtube and Ello account as well as Instagram. During that period I also joined BLOGTOBER which ended up as a flop because I just could not keep up with it. But now I am on a lonng break which will soon be cut because I will be traveling( Not that big).


After the exams there was a wedding ( My uncle got married) which actually ruined my sleeping hours and now I am waking up 10:00am everyday which I changed a while back  because I felt I just wasted alot of time. Now it is BACK! Hopefully I can change my sleeping hours because goshh this can not be like this for long. I am mentally, emotional and physically happy but nothing on the updates of  health.


I have seen I am improving but I still feel I am not that confident at putting my artwork out there. I feel this is normal for any artist especially when you are surrounded with criticism. I have listened to a lot of people tell me do this but I just can’t. I am taking a few steps by entering exhibition competitions which can be found on the Ello website. By the way, I have decided to make my Ello page my portfolio because I feel my blog should slowly move away from my art and concentrate on something else. I am doing great! Apart from that I am learning new styles of art which I am happy to do on my blog as comics or just illustrations. As you can see above I have tried one. I just feel I have been stuck in the bubble with realism and I am tired so I am taking a new approach. Here is a video below in which I attempt to do this cartoon challenge.

As for my Instagram account I decided to make it my zine or mini zine which I will update everyday! I always wanted to create a zine and I had a long thought on what I should do with my Instgram account. I wanted to delete it at first because it is soo boring just getting tired of the luxury feeds and becoming jealous of other peoples success. Hopefully I get a phone soon so that I can control what I want to see on my feeds because I just miss my artsy friends feeds.

I would love to know how you are doing? What you have been up to? Where are you from? How is the weather where you are?


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