Blogtober: What I have been up to?

Whats up sassy taco it’s me graysbygrace and I hope you are all having a wonderful day because it is almost the weekend.

Lately, I have not been posting videos on Youtube  and that is because it is exams week and I am busy STUDYING! I would do speed digital paintings but I thought back and I want to stick into making an animation channel. From the beginning I wanted to start a short film channel but I kept going back and fourth trying to figure what I wanted to do. I feel I have finally found out what I really want on my channel. Hopefully I can make more animations out of the stories that I create.  After the exams I will come back as I am trying to do more research as well as writing and writing.  There is also exciting projects that I am working on which I am excited to begin with.

So, how are you? How are you doing?

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