Blogtober: Bucket List (2018)


Hi 🙂

Whats up unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and Happy Tuesday! Also I guess if you are American Happy Boss day! I don’t think this is widely celebrated but I mean wow! who knew it ..boss day.

On today’s entry I am going to  list down some of the items that are on my bucket list. I know they are costly but I have realized once you want these items, you would want a job.

NUMBER 1: Ipod touch


Look at this baby..idk I just feel I need to upgrade I got an ipod but for sure it ain’t from this Generation.. also for sure it ain’t like this. *staring for hours*

Number 2: Ipad Pro


*fainted* [Peanuts falling to the ground] Ever since I watched a Youtuber speak about the Ipad pro I was like man, I got to get me one. I mean, I have seen the procreate in action but the Ipad has spoken to me *especially the gold one* and I can’t wait to get one of these to create my digital paintings as well as animations. Some day I am going to upgrade and if anybody gives me this *Birthday on the 23 January [Wink]* I know for sure I am dancing on ice.

Number 3:Ipad


I know I know. What is going on with you and the apple products? At least I have not asked for an Ipone*Don’t really need it* The one thing for sure is I really want a graphic tablet or an Ipad which contains a sim because I feel it will be less convenient. Being a student and not living in the hostel as well as a digital artist with a free break I want this.  I want all my requirements placed in one technology because hunny if you see what I carry around *camera, phone, computer and an ipod [idk the generation]* It is wayyyyyyy tooo much and I am a target.

Number 4: Camera

I feel if I get my ipad proooorrr! Than I am okay but you know dis expensive dis red bottom takes a bloody Job *No, i WOULD NOT DO ANYTHING FOR IT!* However If I do get a camera than it would probably be good at taking pictures because I have plans! *you will find out soon*

Well, I guess being a student and being broke is an everyday combination but soon Life will tell. I feel as one upgrades there tech so do they need to upgrade their life. I would love to know what are some items that are on your bucket list?..comment down below and I will see you tomorrow where I blah blah more. Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day.


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