Blogtober : A disaster on a Project

A Thing I would have done differently on a project

Whats up ** unicorns! It’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow! I hope y’all doing fine and living your best life because life is too short not-to.

For a while now, I have been posting a lot of Animations on YouTube and sometimes I look back saying, ”Why didn’t I do that?” or ”What was you thinking?” I don’t really speak much about this but there are times while I am creating a new project and get stuck or just feel things are not working out. I have read a lot of blog post that did help me activate my creativity and stop fighting with my software. One thing for sure, I realized I needed help after my second story time on YouTube which is :

You don’t know how much I hate this video because it came out how I did not plan it to be.  ”I feel so far videos are not coming out how I planned them to be.” [Annoyed]

I know I am not at a step whereby I can create full animation videos but come on at least life should agree with me. If I had a chance and a wish I would step back and would have done my research first. This was suppose to be a full animation not really like this *if you watched it* You know what? sometimes you just got to get up and research because argh! This will happen. So I feel if  did my research, I would have at least mastered some techniques in doing animation. Here is one of my favorite video on Youtube that made me understand traditional animation and the hard work that goes with it.

I also I can’t leave without mentioning these videos that are currently helping me improve with my digital painting techniques..I have a dream and that is to soon be comfortable with digital painting.

This the process of being interesting Adventure! I really want to mix the techniques and become a better digital painter hopefully in the future.


I would love to know what things/a thing that you would have done differently on a project?


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