Portfolio: Digital Painting Techniques


Illusion Transparency

The illusion that your concealed emotions will leak out and others will read it.

So, I’ve decided to create another motion comic in which  take another approach towards digital painting. I’ve learned the method of sculpting in digital painting and try it out. Hence I felt  I needed an easy way to finish quickly my digital paintings but had to learn

what is easy is hard and what is hard is easy- Les Brown

There was some difficulties which is normal. I mean who does not at the beginning of their Adventure but I will not give up. I enjoy doing this and If I feel I need my lines back I will bring them back. But otherwise there is no need for now. I can’t really wait to do another.


20 Different Face Challenge


I’ve decided to use various types of techniques that I have learned in digital painting and do some fast Digital paintings. This is how a fast looking digital looks like.


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