The season of taking risk

I don’t really know but lately I have been taking risk as an artist such trying again to learn how to color digital paint.

Alien life

some people would say this is perfect but I am not really liking what I did here..nice try but good mistake.  Just because the color of the skin is challenging the eye makeup. I really want the eyes on the eye makeup. So, that is why I tried again.


As seen above these are characters that I have done for my animation on Youtube..yeah, that too needs a lot of improvement but I will get there. Anyways, I have decided to do grey scale painting  just because

A.  The eye makeup pops out more

B. This is much easier just because you are using only three colors  ..since it is gray.

Okay, you may be wondering why I am stressing on the eyemake ..well I have a pinterest account and one of my boards with the name ”makeup” is quite a hitter..idk what that means. I just want to do more of these just because they are amazing and quite me..not really a fan of heavy makeup nor do I wear makeup #naturalbeauty or something like.


I want to know what seasons are in right now? This is inspired by one of favorite Youtubers..a beauty and a doo you boo Queen..Yes!

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