Things that I fear as an ”artist”


Whats up sassytacos it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow! How are you? How are you feeling? what did you eat for breakfast? what did you eat for dinner?

So, I wanted to post a blog post on my semester 1 of Uni but felt it was too late so I have to live with the fact that I did not do that but that is that. So, um sorry I got to start with ”so” and if your strict with grammar read no further there will be lots of filters and etc. Okay I am kidding..Okay, here is the thing. In high school I took a break from art just because I felt school was so important and now I am regretting it. I would have improved! Now I am stuck on fingers, shadows and drawing heads! Lots of heads in different directions. You know what? I wanted to change the title of the blog post just because I do not consider myself as an ”artist”. You know why? I do not think I am good enough. 

There are times whereby I would look at other artist’s works that are ”professional” and be like ”well, I wish I could do that”. Maybe than I could sell and make lotta of money but I don’t want to plus I can’t draw like that!


RANDOM THOUGHT:  I have heard alotta stories whereby people would say you can’t make it as an artist in Namibia just because nobody would buy your work but the tourist! If they want to..I guess times go by and I see alotta of great art and yep they just sit there. Thinking positive in my art is clearly not in this world..I wonder if there is a future for my work? I feear I will not make it as an illustrator just because I don’t think I am good enough nor I do I think anybody would be willing to buy my stuff because well I am not good enough! There are so many illustrators out there and yet I can’t fit in that category of being ”the artist.” Which leads to another fear..GIVING UP!!


Last time I checked I gave up art for school just because I had to work my socks off..WORK DID NOT PAY OFFF I GOT A FRICKEN D IN HISTORYY ..A D!! I fear if worst comes to comes ..nails fall off a closet..doors slam..WW9 ..I might just give up!



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