Runaway Girl Series :Tips before 2018



Voice : Welcome fellow inhabitant, It seems your present awakens the day today.  Shall you take your step..please do not be afraid there is too much to explore and many people to see. Move your cursor downwards to see what is going on today.


[ Taking a step you enter a dark hole and slowly a bleak of light shines]


Whats up sassy Taco it’s me graysbygrace  your very own rainbow.  I hope you guys are having a wonderful day today because I am. I am happy! For no reason! It is almost 2018 and… move away December because January is my month. Yeah, it is almost my birthday and the second time the results  for grade 12 will be released in Namibia. Move away High school, University is calling my name! To start of the year I am going to have these bullets of tips to prepare anybody for 2018. It is a New Year right, We all want change!

 #1: Don’t tell people your plans show them your results

Now who has that guilty pleasure of posting a tweet just to his/her audience to be alert of that certain post in two weeks time. Then, suddenly the post is not successful because the internet was slow or you were so busy not to write or you just got bored. Raise of hands.. okay, I feel I am the only one.  I feel that the above quote does apply to me in so many ways sometimes I feel when I wait to long to post especially during these Holidays I am loosing an audience. So what I do instead is tell my audience of my plans to satisfy this feeling but they all fail which is quite sad because they are all so good and original content! Well, I have learned something and that is not tell people my plans but show them the results!  Yes, I want to be a film director but speaking all day and not showing it will not get me there! I will loose motivation and will not make it. Instead I need to surprise people! Plus there are jealous people who want to eat off your success so be careful you are just opening up a door for another person.  Adding on, when you release dreams, ideas, plans to a crowd of people they tend to have less respect for it because they do not know who you are(sometimes) or they just don’t care. I still wonder if it is a good idea to post goals/ New Year Resolutions to your audience? Will you still have that high interest to achieve them or not? I want to hear what you think? Comment down below.

Disclaimer: I am not the original creator of this quote so please if you know tell me.


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