Test Tips


Well, a happy Monday blog day beautiful and  wonderful Unicorns! Its me graysbygrace your very own rainbow.

[Sun is smiling and she shines on her land]

Who knew that mother nature could make this day so beautiful to post something wonderful like this.

Aside: I am so excited I don’t know what to type exactly. How should I start this ..do I go on with the topic..do I introduce myself.

It’s fine really, don’t worry if thoughts are racing in your head. If you are here you NEED HELP! or you just found this post and decided to check it out with reasons.

I am going to start by saying I am Grays and yes I am the werido who sits around wondering about boys..nah..no..wait ..I mean life.

Aside: oh, no I messed up real bad.

Well, let’s get on..Here are a few tips for you guys.

[Hunger game theme song]

1. Your should must turn into a want

You know some of us just seem to not  like our subjects and the results are for us to hate our subject whereby the subject is just a rock we pass by everyday. You should find the value of the subject and it helps because once you have interest in the subject this encourages you to stay focus. You know what? By the time you are focus your should will turn into a want.

2. Set a timetable
I don’t trust this because there will always be obstacles that will stop you from doing your plans all get somewhere.

audience: why is this here if you don’t “believe in it”?

Well, good question. Some people will find it quite helpful I guess. But there is more..

Aside: what’s that word when you wait for the due date while you got  the task early.

Audience: Procrastination

Yes, always study before the date and if you want, early is perfect and that’s why this is here.

Audience: Good News!

3. Stay Focus!

Exams, Test, Quiz always remember to stay focus!! I know its going to be hard but here are tips to stay focus:
Stay Positive
Learn to say No even if it hurts
Check your marks once in a while

4. Find the place
So important. Some people prefer noise others perfer a quiet place ..well go for it! I found out by this term after reading “Crocodile burnings” by  Michael Williams I concentrate better at a quiet place.  that’s why when the teacher says study for your test tommrow in the classroom, I get frustrated to the point that my mind floods with hatful comments. Teachers, you can do better!  Allow your students to study somewhere else if you want them to pass your test.

Teacher: No..No..
Student: Like I have time with the boring TV. WiFi Yasss!!

5. Teenage Ninja
Drink water, exercise and take breaks between your study time. Its going to get frustrating and your going to end up saying I should study!

Audience 1: oki, I am going to try this.
Audience 2: I am hungry
Audience 3: I don’t like this.
Audience 4: boring

Well, it’s all about trying and finding out what you like. Remember stay positive and make it a want to study. That’s it from me see you around..if you want add some more study tips.



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