Back to school


Yasss! Hey unicorns it’s graysbygrace your very own rainbow and wow! School begins..I am not excited nor am I happy but I really want to get through with school and live the LIFE! As you know doing grade 11 and 12 again can be a headache but its good cause I can improve. Guys I know some of you are already tired and some of are about to quit but it’s no time for that! Let me help you here are a few tips that can make the year pass in a snap *crackles*

#1 Goals
I hate them because they fail and sometimes they are just impossible to achieve but we can all get somewhere.

#2 Think Positive
“Oh, I have no chance in English!”- This is negative need to really hold up your head and dream. They sometimes crush but we learn right?

#3 Put your hands in the game!
I would suggest if you want to improve than staying away from these bad influences is best.

#4 Time Management
I did this but I always had these obstacles that approached me but I still gave my best.

#5 Health bar!??
Hallo, its me! Drink water! Eat fruits and vegetables! Unicorn don’t forget to at least exercise and take breaks during your study time.

#6 Work Together
Sometimes your teacher doesn’t come out like the movies. You know what sister, set a group to study because you got dreams right?

#7 Have Fun!
You know what school is hard but we can all achieve. You know if you have one more year of High school, spend it well!  while you can!

Love Graysbygrace

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3 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Elm says:

    WAAAHEYYY you are FABULOUS! 🙂 Those tips are really gonna help me


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