Hey unicorns it’s me graysbygrace your very own rainbow and phew, what a month! I guess not being here and loosing an audience is fair. To tell you the truth I am committed it’s just that I got problems with the internet service provider. Okay, this story of “we are coming this Friday” makes me really excited to the point I wait and ..boom..face reality..Friday passes ..nothing. Five months is it fair? Do you guys think so? Even though actually saying we will come and not come is fair?  Maybe, it’s better if they call and say what’s the situation. #five months is way tooooooooooo long

Anyways ..
It’s a beautiful day.. While I was gone I did a lot of activities that I planned to share once the internet was installed but looks like that didn’t happen after all..oh well..but here are some:


These are a few sketches I did and I could reflect to say, “take the risk even if you know some people would look down at it. Anyways, it’s the only way you can actually improve.” You see I always said to myself drawing faces and shading is like recreating the end of the world.

“Well, Grays can you draw me”
“HUm, sorry mate I don’t think you will come out the same”

Well, now I have stopped and I looked at a few tutorials , took a pencil, paper and drew. Sometimes I would also use what I learned to draw some faces. # Its all about DOING IT


How I lost my campaign “Paper Generation”
It’s quite difficult to explain what happened but I lost it and I  plan to recreate it again..I feel it will be better #comic


The results were quite unique you see. Because  I learned to use the pencil and my hands. It isn’t something really new to me hence at my previous school I used to do art. So now, I just got stressed out of how the faces came out and decided to take the tip of holding the pencil in a “new way.”
Learning to draw lips was  also my second goal for the summer but I really enjoyed playing “makeup guru” with the eyes I drew.It would be nice to share on my “eye of the tiger”art page but due to limited data, I couldn’t share it. But soon that will be updated.

Why ?Grays ?Why?
My mind map..Theme:theater ..I knew from the time I left Beijing everything would change so I guess I wanted to continue something love : dance,film, acting and fashion fantasy illustrations. Ladies and Gentlemen I found me. Even though knowing that I will not continue this in university I still enjoy it #mini hobbies


Love my new mind map..waiting to fill it up.


My new theme: Theater bring on Wizard of Oz

Concerning my YouTube channel, a lot of problems have came up starting with the internet to technical problems- computer broke down and camera does not have a charger but I have fixed the camera problem ..will see soon. So, therefore banascotv will return but it’s gonna have to take short steps. Going on, a lot is coming on graysbygrace with the new FANTASY theme and also new short stories using Polyvore sets which I have had begin long time ago. #Time to achieve those New Year Resolutions!!!

Love graysbygrace

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2 thoughts on “Unicornland.

  1. Princella says:

    Glad I ran across your post. Great sketches!

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