Valentines and the self-love

Hey unicorns, it’s graysbygrace your very own rainbow.  Valentine day is close and people are going bizarre because they don’t have a partner yet. But, here is the question: Is it only on Valentine’s that you recognize your partner and spoil them? I just can’t understand this hunger we have towards being in a relationship.

“Who cares Grays, shout up!”

I just can’t Ladies! Let’s bring up high school. The only place where Valentines has an effect on students. Valentines : you are asked out, got your teddy with flowers, have a bf you “love” and give it two weeks this would be a movie.  Why is it that we are so stuck in this world of love? Of course without love you can’t live. Can I make that statement? Let’s discuss..but why unicorns? Every time I hear this love story, I would guess two weeks and  it is over. But you can say,”otherwise Grays, I met him on Valentine and it was romantic. We were the Juliet and romeo.” Meanwhile in the media, love is an off and on switch button. Look around!!

To what extent is the media influencing our hormones to act?

But getting on topic we teens concentrate too much on getting in a relationship in highschool and the things that our parents say I true about love. We need to be open minded people and make decisions that have a future and not a dent. Yes, I’m talking to all you ladies out there that seem to look for a guy. Guys, are great there is nothing wrong but when we crush in a relationship that we desperately fought for, there will come obstacles. This Valentines, is all about buying chocolate and respecting your self as a human being!

I need opinions, what do you think unicorns?

–– –– –– –– –– –– –– ––

Now celebrating years of commitment in marriages.. Love ya all. Shout out to 30 day challenge n the couple that decided to do Valentines everyday.



2 thoughts on “Valentines and the self-love

  1. Your Very Own Unicorn Martyna says:

    “I don’t need no man as long as I’ve got my poems and the watercolor kit” ~ Martyna P, 2016
    But for reals gracy… nothing’s wrong about a shallow romance once in a while; the key is to not go nuts


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