New Years Resolutions 🎭🎇🎆

Hey unicorns it’s graysbygrace your very own rainbow.🌈
2015 has came to an end and 2016 has come to be the New Year. In 2015 we have failed, gained, and overcome challenges.
Graysbygrace has grew slowly and stands firmly like an empire. To tell you the truth, last time I did my New Years Resolution it was something new. I even googled it in four languages just to understand what it was? .. That’s extreme, I didn’t but it felt like it. This year, I shamelessly shared my blog and learned I need a new list to challenge myself.

So Unicorns, let’s go on with it 🎭

1. Get involved in collaborations
2. Work out a schedule for my post
3. Start growing “Come of looks”
4. Be involved in my environment/ events
5. Explore📷
6. Take risks even though I know there going fail.
7. Build more confidence in myself
8. Work outside my blog to learn new ways to build my blog.
9. Grow my theatrical side or fantasy
10. Bananasctv “how can I?”🎥


believe that you can do it even if u know your going you fail

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