3 hairstyles for short/medium hair

Hair type: 4C

Products: Black magic Coconut oil

“Hair conditioner”

                   Olive Oil

Creamy Aloe Shampoo

Replenishing Conditioner

Photo on 11-24-13 at 5.41 PM

(wet hair- currently I relaxed it!)


( dry hair- currently I relaxed it)

Hey unicorns it is graysbygrace your very own rainbow and today I want to share three hairstyles that will slay your day for short/ medium hair.


Usually I leave my hair out because I want it to rest from those horrible days of braids but that was a bad idea from the beginning. I would warn you not to do that at all. My hair has emotions and when it sees that I am doing that it starts to break off. So if you go to the same school as I, you would notice that it is shorter than ever. Well, that is because it is rainy and I don’t get time to put it into my “wifi hairstyle”.

#1 consist of three phases.

Dip it into water, applying the products, braid it  and allow it to slay:

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 1.49.02 AM

(signature hairstyle: “WIFI hairstyle”)

or I take it from it’s braids and allow it to curl :

Photo on 2-19-15 at 11.02 PM #2

or I comb it and allow it to blow

Photo on 2-20-15 at 2.26 PM

worn: At home + school

# 2  One thing I hate about my hair is that it has its “periods”  whereby it says “nah, Grays I don’t feel you.” So I make this  simple hairstyle which just gives out this updo.

Photo on 11-9-15 at 3.22 PM

worn: At home + school

#3 Going crazy is something I love to do and some hairstyles really express my day. This was pretty much expressed, ” I don’t have homework so I am free”.

Photo on 10-8-13 at 4.03 PM #2

worn: At home + school

which was worn the best?


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