Aisle Style 2016 bridesmaid dresses collection (Collaboration)

Order Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses 2015 among the Latest Maid of Honor Apparel

  2016 Bridesmaid Dresses Collection at Aisle Style UK

“Whether you are looking for something elaborate or simple, reserved or bold, our contemporary, our Aislestyle dresses and gowns suit every age and style.”

Hey unicorns, it is graysbygrace your very own rainbow. Is it that time of the year where you accompany your friend on her best day ever.  But, you have nowhere to start. Well, I got the solution for you.

Meet Aisle style 2016 collection

It is chic and I got say that I had a hard time choosing some dresses to show you all.  The Aisle style company wrote,”We know that, when we create a dress, we’re not just making something to wear. We’re making magic.”  And I got say as I looked at their collection it was amazing of amazing.  Below are some dresses that caught my eye and thought of reviewing them . But you can go to their website and check out more dresses cause there is a lot of magic over there.


Sequin Pattern Embroidered A-line Knee Length Pink Tulle Couture Bridesmaid Dress



 The way that it is decorated gives this love story theme and you will start a chapter of Cinderella with this dress. 


V Neck Gold Embellished Embroidered Lace overlay Tulle Sheath Bridesmaid Dress
This dress some how spoke to me as I looked at it. It just shows that elegant confident bridesmaid you want for a wedding.  I imagine this dress worn at a royal wedding because of the embroidered used.
Tea Length Lace Top Bateau Neck A-line Pink Tulle Bridesmaid Dress 2016
The best two words that best describes this dress is classy and simple. 
Hot Sale Pink V Neck Lace Bodice Long Chiffon Designer Bridesmaid Dress


This is a simple dress and I know there is going to be a time whereby the bride just wants the wedding to be simple. And as a bridesmaid, you might wonder what you are going to wear? Well, this dress is perfect for that timing.


Convertible Pleated Tulle Wedding Dress with Crystal Band
This dress is unique in it’s own way and I had to look twice before picking it. I just find this dress for people who are more into a dress that shows “them” or ” their energy”.  This dress brings out this Madonna barbie. 

Illusion Bateau Neck Column Lace Bodice Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress


The one thing I love about this dress is the illusion bateau neck which gave the dress as you go down a flow of elegancy.  
“We’ve taken the idea of making brides feel gorgeous and made it the cornerstone of our brand, coupling it with an unrelenting demand for quality and affordability..”
And so the magic starts here. Do you guys have any weddings happening during this month?

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