Story Time

Hey unicorns, it’s graysbygrace  your very own rainbow and today is friday so I guess why don’t I share some awesome story of my life events also don’t forget to check out my youtube channel. Today I thought about a long time ago event that happened to me while I was in school. So we were given this project to do and yeah, I was so excited and I don’t really remember what it is about exactly but I did it anyways. Being so excited, I did the project ,made some research and gave in my presentation. After giving it in the teacher said you didn’t cite your work and I was like huh? I am sorry may I do it again and he was like um I am gonna give you a zero and send you into reflection. So, if you don’t know what  reflection is ? It is a place whereby you sit with the vice principle and die in your own mistakes. So yeah I got a zero and today I thought about it. Why didn’t the teacher give me a second try I mean I wasn’t told anything and  I mean why sit in reflection all day. How is that helping me? I never understood the situation and thought that it was kind of stupid to be there. Lets just say I don’t hold any hate in with the teacher and all that but I mean some of these small things send students in a crazy mood.  Lesson of the week always cite your work and don’t take things that aren’t yours. Also if you want to take a picture or something than just cite it. It is simple to say.

Lets make this a safe environment.


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