Life story

Are we ready for another episode???


Hey unicorns, grays here with my friday drums, so play them with me! Oki that day when your  lazy  to go make sets on Polyvore and I guess that’s this day [back is paining and exams are near]. I have been writing this in secret cause I thought it would be special especially when including all my friends. Oki, I don’t want to bored you here .. so here it is!

Life Story : Day of unitato

You just woke up on a Monday at 6:00 and you have no messages , NOTHING! Would this be your life forever or would this be for now, I don’t know! C’est la vie.  We all know you don’t want it to end like this so choose your four best people to bug!

A: Zoe- This girl rocks! oki! idk but I think I have never annoyed her so much. I guess the reason…

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