Hey unicorns, graysbygrace your very own rainbow here. It has been awhile but the days do get rough as you have your last year of high school and need to keep those marks as high as possible to make your family proud. Yes, I guess I am living it.  Yes, I know I have missed my blogging time which is every Monday and yes, I feel it has been weeks but I am back. THIS UNICORN IS BACK and I guess with the survey that I have made I am so happy cause I have got all these new ideas that are popping through my head that I can’t wait to share. One thing is for sure and that is Bananasco is finally starting and I am so happy cause I have decided to go on with it anyways!


Another thing is that my Survey is closed but you can follow me as always on other social media’s to keep in touch so that you don’t miss any NEWSSSS like this.

Closed Survey

 Thank you all for taking the survey!!! 

Twitter (live as this blog) : @GraceNande3

Instagram ( Um, I am under the rock) : @graysbygrace

Fan pages aka hangouts

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