Weird Things About Me (#DareToBeYou) |Grays (bloggers version)

#DareToBeYou Tag (bloggers version)

What makes you, “you”? or What makes you unique? inspired by Tyler Oakley

On serious notice now, what makes you, YOU? “It can be silly, fun, serious, weird, it can be about your identity, your interests, or just about anything – just something that makes YOU unique”, Tyler Oakley writes in the description box. Hey unicorns out there how are you? It seems like it is another wonderful day to share something that I found after watching Tyler Oakley’s video yesterday, based on what makes him HIM? It is a secret project(I can’t wait to see) that he is working to get his audience to be part of. I felt this is so amazing but how about a bloggers version (I aim to share it with him)! Everybody out there has that one thing that stands that makes them unique. I may say it was pretty hard to think about once I started typing, but I thought deeper and outside the playground. So here it is, write what makes you unique, tag people and go watch Taylor Oakleys video (subscribe, like and SHARE) OR you can make a video:

HOW TO SUBMIT: Upload a short clip onto YouTube of yourself, sharing something that makes you YOU. It can be silly, fun, serious, weird, it can be about your identity, your interests, or just about anything – just something that makes YOU unique. Make sure you film it horizontally with no background music, and upload it to YouTube with the hashtag #DareToBeYou in the title. Don’t make ’em too long, just short and sweet! I’ll be including as many as I can in my secret project! (DEADLINE: July 4, 2015)

So, what makes me unique or me Me. I can say one thing that stands out is me and my journal. I can’t stay without it and if I do I will go crazy. It all started once upon a time when I was about to go to bed and wanted to write songs. So out of the blow while mumbling, I thought of this awesome song and I told myself I would write it tomorrow. Now as tomorrow came, that song decided,” well, I might as well fly somewhere else”. Yep, I feel I have a phobia now, to not forget. Oki, it doesn’t go to the extreme of whereby I take it to the bathroom  at home but it stays on my bed, hand bag and I take it everywhere when I say everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE(Public loo). Another thing is, I am random on convo’s all the time. There is no way I can live without this randommanicawesomefleeklicfabulousness, it is the most amazing thing that I have. We can be in a convo for 5 minutes talking about light and this can change to unicorns. I can say most people don’t notice it at all so far or they feel I am stupid but yes I am letting the whole world know IT IS ON PURPOSE! Now it is time to hear yours..

I tag:





So whats yours? I want to hear my audience too..tag others..share for a for a care.. prepare superman is about to take you for an adventure!  Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

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One thought on “Weird Things About Me (#DareToBeYou) |Grays (bloggers version)

  1. lpayoute says:

    I carry my journals everywhere too but what makes it more wired is that I collect journals! Like buying pretty journals #TEAMDOYOUBOO

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