Thunder storm + Bananasco Love with Martyna Pekala

Hey unicorns it’s graysbygrace your very own rainbow and welcome to another post on my daily life. Well, I have been doing fine I mean after the CAS trip with ME to WE, I could say my life is better. Everything seems so different and time is passing really fast. I remember the last time sitting in class listening to the teacher speak while taking notes and getting into trouble and having to be punished by being hit on the hands or on the bum bum, just because my hand writing was not neat or because I didn’t follow his/her “rules”. I guess that sounds like torture or the school life, I mean yep that was my life in primary school. But as I came to high school I needed to change but is that so? Nothing of me has changed really I am still the Grace that everyone knows about : Shy when you first meet her and crazy as life progresses. Well, yeah.. thats pretty.. sad ..but we all go on with life..yeap. I can’t really believe it I am now in grade 11 and returning back to my country whereby I would finish my last year of high school! Than I would be choosing my top university or starting my first ever career in what life gives me. I am still trying to improve my exploration and combing everything ( dance, writing and film ) into one. This is quite fun cause I have found the solution which is Bananasco but last week as I brainstormed I have noticed maybe what I am doing is not what I want. As soon as I followed my mind map, it seems as if I got bored of what I am doing.Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.49.43 PM Bananasco isn’t suppose to be this cool t.v series  with similar traits as others. I WANT SOMETHING NEW! And that is what I am going to work on during the summer and NOW. So here is the beginning of everything..I went shopping and decided to add on to my journals(4 journals in total) + I bought new items for my collection! All these items I bought them at a reasonable price in Lady Street, Beijing.


Writing/Journal Haul

Bananasco here we come!


This is a new book that I decided to add to my book babies. I have about 3 and now this is the fourth and this is where I would keep all my unique stories. I bought the book for about 15 yuan and I felt happy cause it was the beginning of Bananasco! yah! #journal_baby


SAM_6999 SAM_6996

This is the so called secret pen but why would an 18 year old have this? Doesn’t matter how old you are just do what you love! I love collecting these to decor my journals and I  just don’t like empty white books, I need them filled! I bought this for 15 yuan too.




This is a creative classmates DIY card and I bought two of them cause I felt like having two. I am actually glad I bought two cause there are pretty awesome with the feature to create  hairstyles, shoes, school uniform (pls) and etc. They each cost 10 yuan and I love them already but still haven’t used them “yet”.

Bananasco (1)


So this week on Bananasco I am trying to set up the website and make it live but it will be live by this week (I can’t promise that cause of the plan change). New things are coming! I am still thinking of going on youtube or continuing writing or do some “My life story” but I am getting somewhere. I am really happy to say this is going to go on, no matter what change of plan there is during this one bumpy ride. Going on, for my super fan aka friend aka sqlushee memeber thank you for this. This really makes me happy to know that somebody at least takes the time to check out Bananasco and do something this awesome love you Martyna. She is a great underground vintage artist who I love so much cause she is very very creative I mean I could consider her an inspiration to many people out there that love art. There are so many other Bananasco items out there or may I say “rabbit” and I love them all.


Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 1.28.09 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 5.32.05 PM

||credits to Martyna || instagram @martiniquathegreat ||

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

How is your Monday?



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