Monday Fever

Hey unicorns, it’s graysbygrace here your very own rainbow! I am feeling cold today brrrrrr..This week was exams week and today was my last!


Yes, I have finished today and yes, I am feeling brrrrrr. But that’s not all cause today is the day I release my first ever web series Bananasco but I will extend it, due to the fact that  I am gathering new members to join. So that means comming soon…

Final draftI am really excited for the first video on Bananasco and I will release a trailler as soon as I come from the break (CAS trip).


But to entertain you, these banners are made with a free online software which was posted on The daily post  and it is quite awesome cause it has already the layouts and all you need to do is brainstorm on what you want or you can use the layouts that they have like how I did above . Canva is the name and if your not a fan of photoshop or your inpatient with other softwares than go ahead and check it.


Another thing is that I have just noticed that I am completing my Create-Dream-Explore chart which I made in 2014 I think and I am really happy about it because I am doing finally what I want. Completing my News Years resolution and being me!

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.49.43 PM

Rolling on to what I did today: talk to talk about La Pizza in Solana! I went with a couple of friends for lunch and we ordered some awesome food including a pizza which brought a thought  “where are we going to start? How are we going to finish this!” I would say it is a great restaurant so far and the second best on my list and if your living in beijing I would say go check it.


Checking out right now and if today your feeling quite fearless put on your work face!


Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

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