Unicorns Rocked it!

Hey unicorns, I can’t believe it but I never knew this was going to happen! I am really happy cause I attempted to take a risk for something that I knew I would not get cause competition and I are not good friends. Why do you think I never entered any competition for dancing? Well, that’s cause I am not good at it yet and by the time I reach the start of the song I would just mess up! But this was a risk unicorns and I made it! Today I won the Cute award for best  website design which is of course this very one that I post awesome things almost every monday and I am glad cause I worked my butts off to make this perfect through out the judging. I would normally speak over and over of something that is happening in my life online but my self-confidence went down this time and I decided to keep quiet.  YEAH!! SAM_6803




Hows your life unicorns?



Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

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2 thoughts on “Unicorns Rocked it!

  1. sqlushee says:

    You might think it’s over, but it’s just a beginning… Kisses! :* ~ Sqlushee Team

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    • gracenande123 says:

      Oh my, guess who decided to comment! I don’t know what your talking about really cause I thought u broke up. One of your members went crazy with their ideas and decided to push everything forward and guess .. wait no videos are up yet!! cause you ..hum idk how to say this ..u lost! kisses and huggies :* Love u too much mates!!!


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