Hey Unicorns, It’s summer and its hot like Mars. But luckily tomorrow there is a water social happening at me school which will keep me cool!😝 I am so glad cause I am melting.. but  before we start with anything lets take a look at what Olaf is doing?


Thanks Olaf for being here, your song best describe what I am feeling right now.  Exams are next week that means three more weeks of school till I get 6 months of no school! Thats sounds horrible for some of you but it isn’t that bad.. 😳 the reason why I am having a long holiday is cause  1. yeah, holiday but 2.  I am moving back to my home, Namibia! I CAN’T WAIT!! No I am not excited I mean I am leaving..I will miss everyone..that chair ..IB..oki, I will miss everything 😭

Well, is that so? No! Oki, I will miss everyone including myself that means me moving into another environment but this year is a big year! Remember those Resolutions that I promised during New Years at 12:00. Well, there are actually happening! During the summer I have decided to held this amazing web series inspired by all series that I have watched mainly SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! I can’t really wait cause I am bluffing about it way toooooooo much 🙂  Well lets hope we got somewhere and don’t end up like Sqlushee! Keep reading graysbygrace xoxoxox 👽


Explore ..what am I going to do?..who will I meet today..Is this really happening?..Do I love you..Are you against me?.. what are the odds of the odds..To what extent am I with you right now?

SAM_6738_FotorShiny: I am happy right now , I can’t breath

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

What are your summer plans Unicorns?

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