Life story

Hey unicorns, grays here with my friday drums, so play them with me! Oki that day when your  lazy  to go make sets on Polyvore and I guess that’s this day [back is paining and exams are near]. I have been writing this in secret cause I thought it would be special especially when including all my friends. Oki, I don’t want to bored you here .. so here it is!

Life Story : Day of unitato

You just woke up on a Monday at 6:00 and you have no messages , NOTHING! Would this be your life forever or would this be for now, I don’t know! C’est la vie.  We all know you don’t want it to end like this so choose your four best people to bug!

A: Zoe- This girl rocks! oki! idk but I think I have never annoyed her so much. I guess the reason                   maybe cause she is a two side chick! sorry Zoe I had to. Love you my sassy Onion!

B: Martyna- Oki, she expected me to confess about the “kind of friend” she is : she is the crazy wicked unicorn of the North! Love you dear.

C: John- I mean he has boring sense of humor and I think he would admire my lazy jokes! Get it           John..”admire my sense of boring jokes”..hahah..oki, bye John.

D: Rosemary:Cause she has 10 lives and I want to practice a ritual to steal 9 of her lives! I think every time you call this girl she either talks about Sqlushee or never answers. Her only excuse she that she lost her phone in Starbucks..7 eleven..Solana.pls rose keep your story straight!

Good job Grays..oh no! you have to take a bath it is 6:25 hurry you need to get to school! Je need some music,  so pick out your artist! 

A: Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz – Talk dirty * This is my jam I know my body would love this!

Your Awesome, oh no! lights go off and they stay down and they stay down! off, on,off, on! Thats an alert from your sister that it is 7:00,  time to get dressed. Whatcha gonna wear! do u smell that? wait a minute… oh no – Rose is here, she left you a message saying:  *thire isn’t skol today  so it’s fime to hang out 🙂 😛 😛 LOL (selfie of herself walking up at your apartment)*  Make a decision fast. 

A: No, Rose your my friend and everything but when you loose your phone you turn more crazy            than martyna who I “accidentally” send a “hallop” message to her teachers friend! #friendteahcerzone

B: Yes, Rose I love you (heart) whatever your the only one that wants to hang out!

Final Pick:  No!

Rose has just insisted! she is still coming! But you my  friend .. naked is our  friend lets make her our enemy.. like a house lets decor you! Choose some of your stylers amongst anybody to MAKE YOU LOOK FABO,  could be any of your friends or a famous designer.

A: Juliana : Oki i know I trust my aunt with my hair and she will make me the next thing oki!

B: Make up: Amna- this girl would handle everything ! idk she will make me look like the unicorn I       am. #onfleek

HUH? oki,  so I guess you have made yourself a star! It seems like your about to go at Coco and Vanilla to talk with ..You know were this heading! But you need to get this rose problem off your back! Luckily there is something thats called magic in this world so choose a person of your choice to let it go!

A: Nicole- they are just a match just sayin! Perfection is everyones addiction!!

NOP, NOT WORKING ! OH, NO! YOU HAVE MADE A MISTAKE! You just need to go with them! gosh Grays! Your the reason why sandals are worn in winter and shorts a given a chance for this winter crisis!  *cough..cough*


Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

P.S. to my dear friend Martyna this is the reason why?

tumblr pic from:wedontgiveafuckallthetime

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