Spring Recovery

Hey unicorns, It’s grays your rainbow for life #promo! SAM_6605

So, a lot has been going on especially with my blog changes and my creative ideas which I don’t want to brag about cause they have a long way but I am getting somewhere..So hows my life? Well amazing, really.. I can say ..My whole life has been wonderful!  It’s spring wink!

So here is my weekend update :

I took the time of socializing on friday during the epic 3 day break with my friends and had a meeting to discuss if this “dream” could actually come true but sadly relationships always tare apart.. is long over forever cause of that one direction that we all take.



It seems like the fun couldn’t end there as we took the time to go out at Chaoyang park in beijing to have fun. The rides/roller-coaster were our first spins to game fear which I thought was a horrible experience cause all it brought is a phobia for roller-coasters(Awesome.IK).  After going for a spin the hunted house was next and I literally screamed I mean wow, what an illusion that we got through wearing those glasses that they gave us. BooOOO! The funny thing is that we where so scared one of us chicken out and ran back to the light. Than there was this man who came out of nowhere who just came to see if we were oki cause we -were- loud and I concluded to say that he came “maybe” to help us but nah just another character trying to make a boo. BooOOO! You know what? It happens that I have walked through a hunted house and made it to the end cause that doesn’t happen to all of us rit? wink ,wink  BooOOOO!  But since being a horror fan I have learned that emotional I can’t take down the world of the supernatural. I would say two embarrassing things that happened at that time I would like to tell you about are:

one, some ant went through my boots and dug a hole. #notyourhome


And two, kids where going on these rides and they had confidence seriously they didn’t scream at all! What a world!!!

SAM_6614 SAM_6617

Also I took the time to eat a bun I bought in Paris Baguette store for 7 yuan in Solana which I found tasty..yummy! I would suggest this place for any of you who like la goûter for a day because it is totally amazing.





Dear unicorns

My day ended with dead sleep and ending up to do my homework at last minute which I sometimes fear when somebody asks me to go out. I think the greatest moment here was to take the time to go out and explore  but most importantly to have fun and be out there! Sometimes when you are out there you can reflect and be more open minded with your decisions.



Outfits all bought at Yashow,Beijing:

green jeans: 80 yuan

pink jersey: 90 yuan

boots: 120 yuan (oh my poor boots)

hair-bend (street van): 7 yuan

hairstyle:  Fishtale

Love graysbygrace xoxoxo


well why don’t I ask..

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.57.25 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.56.27 PM

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