once upon a time..

Hey guys, today is Pink shirt day meaning celebrating a boy who wore a pink shirt to school and was bullied. You know what? Bullying doesn’t just happen at school but at work, streets and etc. Now it’s time for it to stop! My message to all those that have been bullied: The sky is filled with stars, the universe is too big and sometimes fitting in is a problem. BUT COME ON I AM WEIRD TOO AND BEING YOURSELF AND  REPRESENTING YOUR-SELF AS AN INDIVIDUAL WILL KILL AND INSPIRE OTHERS. BE WERID..GET OUT AND DO YOUR THING. And to the bullies: It isn’t really your fold for what your doing or what you have done, I understand. As I said fitting in is hard and our society is filled with things that makes act in a way that it is against others but don’t you think is time to stop and do the right thing. It isn’t too late to say I am sorry and defend that one person that you made fun.

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