Comme of Looks

Comme of Looks

Hey there graysbygrace here..It’s been a while really! well whats next? Well.. Are you  in love with fashion? Do you simple love cooking? Do you love fantasy? Do you do community service? Do you love styling? Do you love unicorns? Do you love blogging? Do you love making friends? Do you love make-up?  Do you have a hobby? Well “Comme of looks” is the place for you! comment below to be the face of “Comme of looks” remember it doesn’t matter who you are..Looking forward for male “Comme of Looks” styler.

Don’t forget to check out : Martyna <–Artistic Styler

: Mr.Saulnier <– Fancy Styler

Also looking forward to asking career not just your style!


Exploring all looks from all over the world!  xoxox graysbygrace

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2 thoughts on “Comme of Looks

  1. Clemence says:

    Hello there ! My hobby is travelling, and now I am blogging about that.
    I’d love to meet some bloggers !


    • gracenande123 says:

      Hi thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I went to look at your blog , quite impressive I might say. I saw Namibia as a one of the places to visit in 2015 which is where I come from and let me say Etosha Pan is the place!! I am also interested in meeting other bloggers and getting inspired which is what I love! Must say “Comme of Looks” is the best place for you! I will take the time to review some blogs and I guess talking to the bloggers themselves brings out a better experience. Maybe you can tell me some traveling tips below and I will tag you as “Comme of Looks” styler of the week!

      xx0x00x graysbygrace


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