Anybody there?

Hey there Graysbygrace here your very own friend!

I took the time of writing this and trying to come up with something special for all you fashion fans out there! I mean it’s quite hard really coming up with something special especially when you have an aim like mines which is, to have an extraordinary blog with new spicy topics that have never been covered by anyone! I like new stuff and seeing the same thing over and over with different individuals it is just too boring for me, unless it has a bit of a spicy change in it. So yesterday, was kind of a great day for me since I was lucky to go to a Chinese celebration in beijing. It was a Cultural Festival celebrating the  international relationship between China and other countries. In my opinion I felt it was an amazing experience since I got to meet new people and see how international relationship works with China but most importantly hear chinese opera and a great performance called Jasmine Flower which was well performed by unknown artist. Here are some selfies I took from the time it began and ended. And oh, HAPPPY NEWS YEARS!

What are your plans for this coming Chinese New years

SAM_5528 SAM_5532




SAM_5524SAM_5534 SAM_5533



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