😊💓 All about that bass â¤ðŸ’“😳

Is it true? or is it just a rumor? From “right size” eyebrows to big lips now from slim to “about that bass”? Whats next?.. The internet, fashion runaways, friends, society is talking about it and its got us proud! Megan Trainor reminds us to be ” all about that bass” and yes “mama did tell me not to worry about my size”. Being proud of your body is very important, it is really such a bully to be worried about your body and be ashamed of how you look. Many of us tend to want to have “the” perfect body or average size leading us to self harm ourself by either drugging or starving.  “we.woman” is an example of a project that encourages   by CM” href=”#”>women of any sizes/age to be proud of their body.  Especially when “Our media is full of images, attempting to construct what a perfect woman should look like. But what is a by CM” href=”#”>beautiful woman?” Good question? But  this is quite inspiring and interesting because when I look back I wrote an article on what makes a beautiful woman? and reading this encourages me to continue blogging hence it is something that I love to look into.  I feel women should not be ashamed of their body because they are sexy in a way and sexy for being here.  It is pretty awful for people to comment how certain individual should look” like” and I get the comments all the time.  I am way “too” skinny and I have decided to eat double of what I eat! I aiming for about 4 more kgs and I guess that’s going well. I have learned that I have muscles behind my legs and it’s fat! It’s amazing because that’s the only place where I have large amount of meat/ muscle. That is maybe because I train it all the time!  I never found out why I am by CM” href=”#”>loosing weight but I guess it is because I am a part-time dancer and spend most of time exercising my body but I am still keeping up with gaining weight as FAST AS POSSIBLE, kidding I mean AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE before I Don’t want to suffer from  “ANOREXIA” (I love my junk food, I don’t even get fat and I am dead serious..I squeeze food in my mouth but nop not fat but skinny!). I believe I can make it because I am eating a lot more calories than ever and  there is also an improvement in  my weight too!  But being anorexic/ slim from an average person should not stop you from loving your body because that body has a feature.  Be proud of your body and be about that bass!


What do you guys think, what is a by CM” href=”#”>beautiful by CM” href=”#”>women?

xxxx graysbygrace xxx


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