GraysbyGrace: Bonjour

Eryn: Morrow

GraysbyGrace: Merry Christmas

Eryn: Happy Hanukkah

GraysbyGrace: Happy Holiday

(short break Jamming to “Santa baby” Ariana Grende feat Liz Gillies )

GraysbyGrace: There comes a time

Eryn: When everything changes

GraysbyGrace: Magic

Eryn: Love

Eryn +GraysbyGrace: Family

GraysbyGrace: Wow Eryn imagine a change?

Eryn: You see the night before the city was bright I was in Hawaii

GraysgyGrace: …

Eryn: Dreaming about my goals and achievements

GraysbyGrace: (confused)OH,Oki?

Eryn: What are your goals Grays?

GraysbyGrace: Um Well I guess my goals for the upcoming year is to be able to do pirouettes, a la seconde, making videos of my latest dancing,improving my blog and becoming a succesful script writer.

Eryn: Some goals..

GraysbyGrace: Ik right hahhahah

Eryn: ._.

GraysbyGrace I wonder what are your goals Eryn?

Eryn: I have so mannnny goals (dreaming) to be featured on the Kardashian, meet kylie jenner, swim with ellen, meet Ariana Grande hahhaha oh wow.. make my own show, speak about 100 languages..I am actually on my 89th language currently but learning some other languages would be nice.


Eryn: You know what I have one other goal that we must achieve Grays this year and next year of course.

GraysbyGrace: And what is that Eryn?

Eryn: How about our very own fashion blog!

GraysbyGrace: Isn’t this why we are here Eryn.

Eryn: Um no, I mean how about I do some futuristic makeup tutorials and you do some 21 century styles.

GraysbyGrace: (Claps hands) ERYN SNAP OUT OF IT!

Eryn: No really, how about we go to HOLLLLLYWOOOD. Do you know how big we will become?

GraysbyGrace: Eryn plursssshhh stop acting..

Eryn: (interrupts Grays) Do you remember when we wanted to go to Broadway?

GraysbyGrace: Yes, Eryn and I guess that dream is still shinning.

Eryn: How about we look for an open audition and enter Grays?

GraysbyGrace: That would be awesome but..

Eryn: (interrupts Grays) Lets start right now GRAYS!

GraysbyGrace: Hold up Eryn.. did you forget that you need to be really experienced to be able to do main roles. Hollywood is a huge deal.

Eryn: Anything is possible Grays and it’s Christmas..Whats the worst that can happen?

GraysbyGrace: Oki, Eryn I have an idea (thinking) how about we wait for 3 years and then do all these crazy ideas.

Eryn: These aren’t crazy ideas Grays, these are dreams and they can’t wait that long.

GraysbyGrace: (interrupts Eryn) well, would you do it for a Doritos

Eryn: Um you trying to .. (gasp) did you say Doritos? Well, um sure oki 3 years whatever you say..Can I have some right now?

GraysbyGrace: Um sure go ahead..but we need to talk about the new project, these folks need to hear what we got to say.

Eryn: Wow,folks? you mean guardians..

GraysbyGrace: Eryn? plursssssshhh

Eryn: Sorry..

Graysbygrace:Sorry guys um we just have a lot to say and I guess some of you might have already stopped reading by now but if you didn’t than you’re a survivor.

Eryn: YOU ARE! (singing) I will survivor..

GraysbyGrace: (looks at a paper) lets see.. (Thinking) hum..

Eryn: (Confused) What is that?

GraysbyGrace: Oh this? (holds it up) This is our Planner silly.

Eryn: (confused) What? we have a Planner?

GraysbyGrace: Oh yah we do?

Eryn: Amazing, this is going to be awesome!

GraysbyGrace: sure Eryn here lets look at it together and take turns to update.

Eryn: Oki I will start.

GraysbyGrace: Sure Eryn go ahead.

Eryn: Thank you so much for the wonderful people who took part in the “Comme of Looks” not only were you able to inspire but you were someone who played a major role in spreading our project.

GraysbyGrace: So thank you.

Eryn: So I guess it’s that day of the year were we make wishes and spend time with our family remember most importantly the birth of Christ.

Graysbygrace: Remembering what is the most important thing on CHIRSTMASS!

Eryn: So, Merry Christmas!

GraysbyGrace: Lets say it together Eryn! (points at the paper) look, it says GraysbyGrace+Eryn: Merry christmas!

Eryn: (mocking) Fine,fine,fine let’s do it again

(Grays Rolls her eyes)

GraysbyGrace+Eryn: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Graysbygrace: Idk but I feel something.

Eryn: What do you mean?

GraysbyGrace: Don’t you feel that?

Eryn: (confused) Um, am I suppose to be feeling something?

GraysbyGrace: oooh, oooh, oooh

Eryn: Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh, I know this..ahhh,ahhh,ahh

GraysbyGrace +Eryn: (singing) Mary did you know

Eryn: You broke my heart.

GraysbyGrace: really? I feel Pentatonix broke my heart.

Eryn: ._.

(Long break,singing Pentatonix-mary did you know)

Graysbygrace: That was amazing.

 (Eryn looking on her phone and dancing)

GraysbyGrace: (curious) What are you listening?

Eryn :  Марта Кот

Graysbygrace: Oki guys, Um well to end of, Eryn and I are collabing to make our very own Fashion blog. She is pretty crazy about it and dreams for it to make it in 2015. I just hope this goes far. Right Eryn?

Eryn: Sure,Sure Grays. (reading a spell) Take me to the land of leaves far east, beneath the tress


Christmas song of the day : Meghan Trainor – Lips Are Movin

xoxox Grysbygrace Loves you, What are your wishes guys?

Eryn: sooooooo official remember to comment your wishes! 

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 2.11.21 PM


-done by Eryn


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